It?s an open secret that lots of musicians started from church, either in the church choir or playing musical instruments, and the likes. Michael O?Mint simply known as Jupiter da General is no exception.

In an interview with Blaque boi on GH One TV, Jupiter revealed that he used to be in the church choir but later decided to cross carpet to do reggae dancehall.

He said, ?I started from church, I was in the choir and as well I played musical instruments, there I had the chance to learn about melodies and whole lot of stuffs relating to music, but along the way, I decided to cross carpets, I decided to cross boundaries to dancehall because  I was more interested in dancehall, dancehall seriously got into me.?

Talking about how far he has come. The emotional Jupiter da General disclosed that he had dreams upon dreams, he said, ?It?s like a dream come true for me, I had dreams of granting interviews on both radio and TV, dreams of mounting big stages in Ghana and beyond, dreams of topping chart shows and it goes on and on.?

On how he linked up with BET award-winner, Sarkodie, he disclosed that it was Tinny who linked him up with Sarkodie.

He said, ?Sarkodie is a huge deal, having a collaboration with Sarkodie added a value to me. It was Tinny who linked me up with him at Django. I asked to send him a song and he was like cool, just hit me up when you are ready, and that was how ?enemy? got to being.?

Indeed Sarkodie has really helped me a lot, people who used not to like me then, are now cool with me, he added.

Jupiter is currently being referred to as Ghana?s Mavado among the youths because of late all his songs seem to be titled towards the inspirational bit; ?Dreams?, ?Enemies? and the new banger ?No new friends? have made the youths to start calling him Ghana?s Mavado.

The ?money box? hitmaker is set to host the next Enemy tour in Kumasi soon.

He ended the interview by informing his fans to expect a new song with Stonebwoy soon.




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