Juts Quhr-aahn : A Leap for Humankind and Super Leap for Muslims


Inventions can be categorized into different categories, but time saving inventions are arguably the most beneficial to human beings. Juts Quhr-aahn is primarily a huge time saving invention to over two billion people, lot more indirectly, freeing people up, to allow other forms of learning, working, and having fun.

Although it has many secondary effects, including better health and finance, we will lean on the primary effects. This book and learning strategies I will unveil will guarantee learning the Quhr-aahn (quran) and functional Arabic language within months, for the average full time students and even reasonable part-time students… Arabic was considered among the most difficult languages. Costing, even some atheist leaning countries , millions or billions of dollars per year and similar numbers of hours to teach diplomats, spies, customer service representatives, etc.

Then comes the non-Arab Muslim leaning countries like Indonisia, Nigeria, Senegal, Bangladesh, etc – Such countries will probably benefit in the billions per year. Then countries like Russia, China, India, etc are not considered Muslim leaning countries due to percentage, but they still have millions of non-Arab Muslims, who collectively spent billions of hours per such countries, learning Arabic or Quhr-aahn – meaning such countries will also benefit in the billions per year, including utilizing freed time to invent what may benefit even those who may frown at this invention or super blessing.

It is so huge a blessing that people did not believed me when I announced it few months ago, failed to partner up with me, but now the product is ready and the sample is here on youtube for verification. I am yet to secure a publishing deal, which should be fairly easy, because the book is so special, I will actually prefer to distribute the book at the state level, especially for the OIC countries. However, publishing companies can rush to give me irresistible offers and make their millions or billions too.

The world is largely about secrets and once the Lord reveals the secret on whom He wills, then what was difficult becomes easy beyond the medium. Meaning I was actually chosen by the Lord for this task, taught at different levels, given the ‘go-ahead in the early part of last Ramadan, and re-taught many things for this mighty achievements. So feel free to call me intelligent, but the honest reality is: it is beyond me; I am just a utilized medium or would have done it long ago. By the way, let me apologize to the fans whom I promised Quhr-aahnihk summer, the Lord delayed it for reasons best known to him. I had a terrible arthritic attack that kept me from writing on this project for about two months, and the rectifications and other knowledge that came later led to enormous re-writings.

Further examples of secrets: The late Ahmet Deedat was once talking about how difficult the multiplication of number nineteen is, how it is magically related to the Quhr-aahn, and that the highly respected Albert Einstein regarded it extremely difficult that he had to use a calculator when dealing with it. Through the secret I will reveal, you will notice it is among the easiest. Here are the answers to 19 times or multiplication up to 12: 19, 38, 57, 76, 95, 114, 133, 152, 171, 190, 209, 228 . If you write this vertically and closely watch it, you will notice a simple pattern: that the last numbers descend from, 9,8, 7, etc; then add 0 before the two digit answers, you will notice plus two in the middle towards other column. You can literally write one to three sentences to describe a pattern for every multiplication number or table , and it can help you beyond exams. Should I write a book or app for that, or will you buy the Juts book in appreciation of this tip? You may wonder what has maths to do with a book with mighty claims? The answer is secrets, secrets, and secrets – some Arabic secrets was revealed to me towards writing the book. Some more Arabic secrets will be revealed, while other secrets will be withheld until I get a publishing deal or enough money to self Publish it. So if you find the Youtube examples interesting, know that other mind blowing secrets will be revealed to wow even those who may belittle the examples .

What is Juts? Juts is an acronym which means: Jarga Universal Transliteration System (Juts), designed as bridge for languages. It is such a marvelous system, it qualifies as semi language with precise and consistent rules. Since all languages were spoken, then some evolved towards different writings, albeit some better than others, at least on ease of learning. In 2016, I wrote a wollof speech in Juts and a verifiable example of it is on facebook, then I called it Fulani Universal Transliteration system (FUTS).

There are great reasons for the name change , not worthy of discussing here. Even then, I told the world Arabic and the Quhr-aahn should be in Futs, now Juts. Then I was wrongly waiting for money to realize it by hiring experts and teaching them the secrets, towards a collective achievement. So we are starting with Arabic, but many languages will follow suit, preferably within months. By simplifying Arabic to be verifiably easier than English and French as examples, the world will swiftly or gradually submit. We can take about 100 ‘immigrants’ From China, India, etc, teach them Arabic through Juts, then a similar number through traditional Arabic, then test and contrast the two groups and the groups that were trying to learn English and French, in exact time frames. The results will clearly show Juts is supreme and Arabic is no longer difficult, thanks To God through a black man who is yet to visit any Arabic country or attend university level Arabic. I have not yet dated any Arab woman, as well. Perhaps this is why people doubted my claims, but we should remember God exists, capable of teaching my type, plus a largely truthful person like me making the big claims I made in what was titled as ‘Last Worldwide Challenge towards the launching of the book of the Century’ , will carry some truth.

Historians or God should ask how many thought I had illusions, like one of my blood brothers said ‘do not shame yourself on world stage, Arabic is too complex for someone like you to conquer in the manner you describe’. When a truthful person like me have ‘illusions’, it will also mean s/he have some truth and will God directly or indirectly replace the illusions with more truth? Probably. My point is let us try to work together lot more . If I had obeyed or over listened the doubters, then this marvelous work would not have been realized or God may have chosen an Arab, Chinese , or xyz at what point? Some probably thought I was just trying to rob people, that I am a fraud, demanding money for books upon satisfaction? The lessons are those who refuse even few hours of verification may never consider donation for a research on such?

Juts versus Traditional Arabic Writing: contrary to popular belief, Arabic has some advantages over many Languages. Arabic is by far more consistent than English and French, but Spanish has amazing consistency… The Problem with traditional Arabic writing starts with looks that may seem good to many Arabs, but ‘scary’ to many around the world. In their desert world with limitations, the camel may look good to them, but how many of us consider camel ugly or far from the top 50 animals? Even Today’s Arabs who see many other animals may not rate camel very high on looks. Similarly, if we take even born Arabs and others of around age two, introduce them to traditional Arabic versus Juts (Latin alphabets), some Arab kids may learn quicker through Juts and how will they be divided on the subjective looks? To worsen things, Arabic is a female leaning language, meaning they highly value beauty, sometimes pursuing it a cost over functionality. French is another female or beauty leaning language and such languages tend to be slightly more difficult. In the pursue of beauty , traditional Arabic letters can change shape up to three forms, depending on position. That can be a huge challenge for non-natives and worsen when you are not reading often. It is vital to clarify Juts is not meant to wipeout traditional Arabic writing, but rather to co-exist for the over billion Muslims+ who prefer Juts over the Arabic Muhammad (pbuh) and many good people couldn’t read.

What differentiates Juts from other Transliterations?

Juts is divinely inspired and has guarantees on ability to at-least read the whole Quhr-aahn in Arabic within months. Where-as I cannot claim whether others were ever divinely inspired, I am yet to hear any guarantee on Learning Arabic.

Juts has well defined rules that can be used to rectify even the author, similar to how Muhammad (pbuh) was occasionally rectified on the Quhr-aahn. All the transliteration of the Quhr-aahn I have seen do not have stated rules, or even a name.

Juts uses three letter base per syllable, even on the few syllables with more than three letters. Other transliterations leave you guessing if the syllable is one, two, and up to five letter syllable Beside the weak Quhr-aahnihk transliterations before Juts, even Multi-million dollar language companies with Arabic apps are similarly weak now on transliteration, never guarantee such short periods, and will likely switch to my system. .

Juts uses smart looking characters to capture the sing-nature or sing like hints of The Quhr-aahn. Other Transliteration uses the French accent , apostrophe, and ignore many other hints.

Juts accommodates different regions and styles of reading the Quhr-aahn. Other transliterations I have seen focus on one style. Although juts will also have focus based styles, starting with a universal one is a sign of care, from the Caring Lord, through a caring person.

The target and Tasks with States , companies, and individuals: A huge blessing like this book should be accessible to all and celebrated at State levels, at least in some countries. Meaning you should forward this article, speech, and sample videos beyond friends and families, but to politicians and counter parts around the world. The author believes it is one hundred percent accurate, but if the public or elite think it 95-99% accurate, then a one to three days rectification is feasible towards distribution, asap. We need state level emergency meetings, especially in OIC countries. We should make the book available in all countries within weeks. I am suggesting an official book launching on December 25 or January First in all OIC countries. The Gambia and many OIC countries do offer such dates as public holidays. Western countries celebrate Christmas with family gathering and prayers, the Gambia or how many Muslims do special prayers on such? Presently, many celebrate it with questionable fun. We can start the tradition of over one Hundred million Quhr-aahn reading on every Christmas, NewYear, and many other days. By assigning verses and chapters to read based on birthdays, over billion people will participate. Since the Quhr-aahn came for Guidance and Mercy, let us never seek one while on earth.

The Application or APP can be released within a week, depending on getting a deal or sponsor. I plan to sell the app between one to three dollars, and you own it for life. Although I think every Muslim should gladly pay for such, there are countless Muslims who do not have access to credit cards for such a purchase. If they think poor me should make it a free app, then I ask them to urge rich Saudi Arabia or their ‘poor’ and rich states to subsidize it through the OIC . For Example, if the super rich Saudi Royals can sacrifice one percent of their wealth, it will amount to over five Billion dollars for Quhr-aahn for the poor+. By giving me three billion dollars, I will gladly make the app free within a week, and build a much better app asap. Where the royal family are indifferent to the poor to access it or think only weapon engineers, Yacht builders, footballers, Musicians, etc deserve good money; then other caring Billionaires or OIC states an contribute depending on Population and help subsidize the app. Poor Gambia has over two million Muslims who can be taxed by government, they pay to download; but the state also have countless teachers, diplomats, etc, plus the long term benefits can be in the billions even for poor Gambia. Without subsidy, I can sell to rich Muslims and the millions of others until I have enough to subsidize for those without credit cards, which may be years. With enough subsidy, we will have two apps, one free and the other at the least possible rate, which I think is .99 cents. Free apps mean advertisement, which means not only nuisance, but questionable businesses may be helping you access your Quhr-aahn, which may or may not be a crime, depending on your income or access to credit cards. Personally, I will rather pay for the one dollar one , browse without advertisement, and feel like I am supporting Ihq-rah (learning); or how shameful it is if average Christians, some Jews, etc, seem to value learning than average Muslims or what type of Muslims?

The printed Book is planned for suggested retail rate of thirty dollars. Previous offers are null and void. It will have Juts column, traditional Arabic, and a very clear English version. So it will be slightly bulkier than other Quhr-aahns, because Juts is efficient with time, but inefficient with space. More pages and ink will be used, then each country may sell at different rates. This one I will not bother Saudi Royals or rich Muslims to help subsidize , but will encourage them to buy bulk asap and distribute in Mosques, Schools, etc. Before I get a publishing deal, the OIC and other states can be partners and make more than taxes on the book. Like your state educational Text books, you can include Juts Quhr-aahn into your curriculum.

Those who read my previous writings may remember how I claim this book as book of freedom, to free millions of ignored boys. African and western tourists who visited Dakar or many major cities beyond Senegal will admit seeing countless roaming boys, begging for money and food, often to share with so called teachers. Their parents are the primary culprits and should be punished. A fraction of such kids are orphans, but what kind of a religion, state, or public will allow such level of negligence, abuses, and indifference on kids, including orphans? Why poorer Gambia does not have it now, while Senegal brag about to be masters of guests, but ignoring the children as the most needy invited guests? It is a shameful stain beyond the guilty countries. When questionable Gambians+ visit Senegal, they focus on their so called development, but anytime I see such children I ask where are the scholars who read about helping orphans and the poor? Where are the eyes of Rich Senegalese and those in the diaspora to adopt before making babies? The state resources and loans should guarantee universal education first, then some basic needs. Obama and many Western politicians praised Senegal for a democracy that neglects children, or because they are boys? Then urge them to embrace LGBTQ and women’s rights, but not help the visible suffering boys in the streets? Rich Saudi Arabia will gladly take millions from them for Hahj, but will not exhort each other to Truth – That helping these poor Kids mean more to the conscientious Lord and conscientious ones than Hahj? Although this book will eventually end the painful traditional learning and free the boys, I want it swiftly. This means we must put reasonable pressure on questionable governments, or rich Senegalese will buy or steal my book and ignore the poor children . Outgoing Presidents like Macky Sall have the easier task of making needed laws.

Mandatory education up to age twenty or eighteen as compromise is badly needed. I am urging all my fans to urge your leaders and pray to God to remove any leader that refuses that direction for humankind at large. We also need laws that fight negligence against children, and God’s curse be upon opposition leaders who may oppose or politicize against needed changes.

Worldwide culture of cameras by civilians than governments is among my strong desires to see. Again, let my fans Thank God for this book, but show us Gratitude by urging and buying body cameras and beyond, to minimize sins between creatures . The money I am trying to secure is not just for personal and family uplifting, but a big chunk is going to different things I care about. Part of it is for other Quhr-aahnihk projects, including local languages and other samples of development to help billions around the world. Even non-literate 70 year olds in Africa, I have the secrets to help them learn Quhr-ahn within six to twenty four months and make them literate. It may sound impossible to doubters, but once I secure the needed money, I will make a verifiable example, and other countries will copy, Lord be willing. I will need few weeks of rest, but I have lot of work to do for humankind. Some very special ideas are coming and we must work while we can. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have Fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

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Optional Note:

The Rules: It is vital to closely read the general rules and repeat aspects of the rules in every session, especially the first two to four weeks. Although you can certainly learn through the book without any formal class, I do recommend few weeks with a formal teacher, including online.

Dedicate at least two consecutive hours a day, as part time student. Full time students should aim for at least six hours a day. Either approach can lead to at least mastering the reading of any chapter within three to twelve months. Although the target should be hundred percent accuracy and some students will achieve such within weeks, but as long as your average student scores over 75%, then move on. After you start translating, they will perfect their reading with time.

Target about one Hundred verses a day and avoid going way beyond that a day, especially as part time student and within the first month. Since you have many nice short chapters, you should target about two chapters a day in the beginning. Make sense to start with chapter 1, 96, and 103 on first day – Then marry chapters between ch.75 to 114. I recommend ch.75 and 91 on second day. For those in two hours formal school, the first term should cover ch.45 to 114; then ch.18 to 44 for second term; then ch.2 to 17 for third term. Some chapters are much harder than others and should be reserved for last. Ch.18. 49, and 02 will arguably be the hardest for many. However, if you have adult students, it may be wise to conquer ‘hard’ chapters to show them nothing is actually hard. So after finishing first term chapters, you can do ch.02 within a week with two hours dedication, or lot less with more hours.

Listen to at least two different Qah-rihs (reciters) for every chapter., but student focusing on the Juts Quhr-aahn while listening This will prime their brains and help your students understand different types of reading works. Slowest reciters like me, slow like Ghamidi, then slightly fast reciter per chapter. Encourage students to read slow by citing ch.75 as rectification beyond Muhammad(pbuh). Slow reciting helps the listener (student), but also the teacher to properly hear and correct only after completion. If you think about Children and foreigners (non-Arabs), then slow reciting becomes a matter of care over beauty or convenience.

Explain every syllable is based on three letters. Meaning Lah, lahh, lahw, lahy (lai), etc are all from Lah. Similarly, iih, ihs, ihn, ihw, ihy, iihw, etc are all from iih. Explain all non-alphabetic characters are secondarily important, to mainly help beautify sounds, which should matter more in third year or level. First year is to build and gauge reading abilities, not singing, and not forbidding it either; then second year or level is surface understanding the meaning of the words; third year or level is where perfecting sounds and memorizing should come in. Some full time students will be able to attain all levels within a year, especially after I reveal some higher secrets of learning.

The Caret or down facing v (^) is like a bridge for special syllables and people can read it differently. Words like hahq^qih, the caret will be a slight pause, go up, stay for a milli-second, then down; similar to drawing caret with hand or voice. Some words with the caret can be read without pause or any style, as many well known reciters ignore to taste.

The square brackets [ /] with a slash are about options. So mih[n/m] means to pronounce as mihn or mihm; lah[n/w] means lahn or lahw.

The rounded brackets ( ) is largely optional, but they must be re-categorized based on position. So single letter at the end of a word wah(l), wah(n), etc will be pronounced by most reciters. Two letters at the end of words like zahh-lih-k(ah) means some people will pronounce up to the K and others will will pronounce all as zahh-lih-kah – so you choose based on your favorite style. The three or more letters at the end will vary and largely due to vowel or consonant as first in the bracket; for example khair(uhn) will follow the two letter rule, except you an also take the R bind it with uhn or whatever is in the rounded brackets, so it may become khai-ruhn. The bahqah-rah(tahn) have a consonant of letter T, so it is a simple option you will notice through your teachers or reciters. There are other rules on rounded brackets that are slightly more complex, but luckily they are not many and hardly in the short chapters. So worry less about it and you can use crayon coloring to quickly differentiate them, rather than count letters you will adapt to within weeks… The app version will also offer coloring, perhaps not in the first weeks –I need money to hire experts on programming.

The capital H as second or third letter within a syllable is largely about emphasis, similar to exclamation mark. Fah and FaH will be pronounced differently, but both mean the same thing (so); wah and waH, aah and aHh, etc will have different pronouncing, but same exact meaning. So you have no right to beat an eight year old child or foreigner who cannot impress your ears over many of these rules. Any other capital letter is not about pronunciation, but sometimes due to respect or the starting of a name of a Person or group. The traditional Arabic writing uses multiple symbols to achieve the same end, but Juts reduce it to one. Although it was possible to use countless characters for this feature, I think using capital H is smarter since the Quhr-aahn does not change. Other Arabic Juts can choose something different, but be universal and considerate. The word mahh can mean both what and no or not. Traditional Arabic writes it exactly the same way and you use your mind to differentiate the meaning. So I decided to use mahh to mean what, and maHH to mean no or not – it is just to help make it easier before students perfect their Arabic. For those who may wrongly accuse Arabic, many languages have such possible conflicts in sound or meaning. English present and past tense of read is an example, written exactly the same, but pronounced differently. Some words can be pronounced exactly the same, but to mean differently.

9.The middle tilde, which is slightly bigger is for binding, which I occasionally call fusing. For example wahl~ ahrdah means you can pronounced it as ‘wah lahr-dah or as wahl ahrdah’.

10. The upper tilde and slightly smaller version is for stretching a sound. For example: ihn shah˜ Ahl-Lahh, Ih[n/y] yahshah˜, and Uuhlahh˜-iihkahl may sound nicer to many when stretched, and almost every reciter will stretch the sound there to their taste, but it does not change the meaning if you or your five year old cannot sing it, or is told to ignore them for now, until third year or level. Although I put enough of them and you can add to your taste, be careful of what you stretch, to avoid misinterpretation. Like English ‘but and butt’ have very different meanings; Arabic lah and lahh are different, so if you stretch a lah, many may confuse it as lahh.

11.The dash (-) has two main purpose: One is to help separate syllables where a five year old and some adults will benefit, but the fussy adult may find annoying. You can learn to use it, ignore it, use whitening on them, or use remove dashes button on our upcoming app. The other purpose of the dash is a slight pause for resting and few special Arabic words demand mini-pause. Again, the meaning won’t change and there are tons of characters to replace the dash if you cannot memorize those few words. Even simple words like sahmahhwahhtih versus sahmahh-wahh-tih means a lot to many a reader, including the five year olds God and I want to rescue from harsh teachers. The space is the end of word, but the dash is the end of a syllable. On many six letter words, I won’t use any dash. However on words like ‘lah-huh’, it is really two words, but we tend to write such words as one to avoid awkward pauses. Traditional Arabic bind two to four words as one, Juts will at least use dash and avoid such binding, but sometimes deem it smart trade-off. Even Traditional Arabic, there are many things you have to learn to ignore. On seven letters word like sahmahh, no dash because it is 3 and 4(3.5); on Lahh-hih, we use dash to avoid pronouncing it as lah-hihh even when written as lahhhih.

12. Punctuations: Because the Quhr-aahn is an edutainment book, poetic license give you the right to ignore and create punctuations without distorting the meaning. Considering non-Arabs and children, I put lot of commas, but more can be inserted by you or your teacher. No one can read without pauses, so see my punctuations as starter and by level three, you can adjust more to suit you. Even full stops (periods ) are over written by some reciters , binding two separate verses for beauty is ok. There are limited punctuation in traditional Arabic writings. Different reciters pause or have commas and others through their minds, or ignore some of the limited ones, at times.

Optional note 2:

It is widely known the Saudis highly believe in bargaining, but I do not, and we do not have much time. It should be seen as grateful rescue or as investment. So beside my billions, I will love it if you will announce an extra billion to build a university in the Gambia or country of our choice with conditions like having mandatory education up to age twenty or eighteen as law. We will also demand such a university to accommodate at least twenty five percent of the spaces to foreign students of OIC until we build enough around the world. Since the first word or commandment is (ihqrah) or learn, why did some questionable muslims limit it to learning the Quhr-aahn? The Smart angels further wrote in ch.96, ‘who teaches man what he never knew’, so why some hypocritical Arabs+ frowned at ‘western learning’ in competition, arrogance, or to mislead questionable Muslims? If such verses were rightly interpreted, then we will gladly be investing on higher education above any group. While many Imams are eager to quote where some Christians are adversely mentioned in the Quhr-aahn, we must also quote verses that smartly acknowledge the good in some Christians. The Quhr-aahn says ‘some Christians are lovers of knowledge’, but when will Muslims gratefully compete them on such? Mr. Crown prince or even the King cannot be blamed on what happened before they were born, but our obligation ‘to exhort each other to truth’ must include suggesting beautiful and helpful ideas. I am Challenging the Crown Prince and every Muslim Billionaire to help form a ‘Muslims for High Ihqrah Club’ in very transparent donations and accountability methods. Our target will include, but not limited to, building at least one billion dollar university every year. Diamond member or Super VIP will donate at least ten million dollars a year, but which ones will donate hundred million or one billion dollars a year? Gold member or VIP will donate at least one million dollar, and can we have one thousand folks on that level? Silver or xyz members will donate at least thousand dollar a year, and can we have over million members on such level? Then regular members will donate at least hundred dollars a year, and how many poor Christians or Muslims ever donated to u.s, U.K, and other universities? Ours will primarily focus on building high end universities, not necessarily the sustenance, except through awards based on achievements. The students will pay, the university can own a million dollar factory, and the research should lead to reasonable patents for sustenance. If we push together, we can build many billionaires and inventors beyond me.

As an individual and state, how much time and money you spend on learning versus others? The word enough and the word percentage speaks volume. What percentage we spent on weapons versus ineffective and specious studying of the Quhr-aahn is scary. Not only do we need to shift monies, but what can we add in a manner other Muslims around the world can help, not just Saudi Arabia. How many billions can Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, etc spare for Ihqrah (learning) for the poor or as gratitude to where I raised the Arabic language to earn you billions or Trillions through trade and tourism?

I am fairly impressed in how the Saudi Crown prince is continuing ‘free universities’ inside Saudi Arabia, but how can we help poor OIC countries get paid universities? I am also happy in how he is trying to have million of trees inside Saudi Arabia, but how can we tactically pressure and suggest planting billion trees within OIC is a form of gratitude, not just reciting billion Quhr-aahn every year, from now on. We do not have to threaten anyone, but your suggestions and urgings can be lot more valuable than the few millions you reluctantly give. Your actions matter. History and the Kind Lord who inspired me on this Quhr-aahn will record your reaction, including ‘when’ as a forerunner, choice, resort-submitter, or rejecter with excuses and doubts.

Health: This invention will even boost the health of the world. The millions of boys who roam the streets live largely unhealthy lives and may spread diseases. The other millions in so called Quhr-aah-nihk boarding schools have a big percentage of kids lying on beds with bedbugs, including those in the Gambia. Their parents, the teachers, and the state authorities sleep comfortably, while the children suffer to have limited chances of work. Psychological health problems may then follow through, become a fraud, or risk being recruited into gangs and terrorism? This book will help more than virtually any president of our time.

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