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K.T. Hammond Was Right To Bark At Dr Kumbour


K. T. Hammond recently used some words that infringe parliamentary ethics against his fellow Member of Parliament, Honourable Dr Kumbour.

?K.T. Hammond
Truly, I find it morally difficult addressing the current crop of Ghanaian politicians as Honourable and His Excellency. I personally believe they do not merit those titles accorded them just by the virtue of their positions but not their worth. This is my view of which only God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost and myself can remove from me. This is just by the way.
The Parliamentary Privilege Act has a clause that debars parliamentarians from mentioning or discussing issues pending before the Courts or Investigation Committees on the floor of Parliament. Dr Kumbour, not seeing the relevance of the act, did not only mention the drill ship saga pending before the Sole Commission headed by former Appeal Court Justice Appau, but also, teased K. T. Hammond about it. He insinuated or alluded that K. T. Hammond had had some fishy involvements in the disappearance of the remaining US$3.5 Million after paying off the GNPC debt to the Soci?t? G?n?rale from the sale of the drill ship.
He had sought to equalize the stinking corruption in the form of dubious payments of judgment debts by the NDC government to the supposedly missing US$3.5 Million from the drill ship. As he was making a big fool of himself on the floor of Parliament, the ongoing news on the airwaves at that same time was indicating that the money was indeed deposited in Ghana government account with formerly Bank of Ghana but later Ghana Commercial Bank branch in London on Cheapside Road.
Why was Dr Kumbour so enthusiastically seeking the equalization between the government?s dubiously paid GHC51.2 Million to Alfred Agbesi Woyome and the US$3.5 Million accruing from the drill ship? Was it right?
Does Dr Kumbour have the moral right at all to challenge K. T. Hammond on the US$3.5 Million even if it had indeed been embezzled by K.T. and his Kufour?s guys? Was it not this Kumbour who faked his own robbery at the hands of armed robbers by shooting at his own car and destroying its windscreen? Let me not even waste my precious time on this criminal, now the 2nd?Speaker of Parliament, ?a pot calling the kettle you are dark?
The Ghana Media is lazy, politically polarized and corrupt. Instead of telling the truth, quoting people and educating the masses, they rather choose to lie, attribute things to people and misinform the public all because of what they hope to get out of their political affiliations. That is total madness.
While I condemn Dr Kumbour for stoking the fire, inviting trouble upon himself, I in the same vein applaud K. T. Hammond for getting tough with him. He was forced by circumstances, the mischievousness and malevolence by Dr Kumbour to do what he did.
?Nothing ventured, nothing came?. Kumbour looked for trouble and he had it in abundance. All those condemning K.T do not know what they are doing. In some parliaments, they slap others or spit on their nuisance colleagues. Kumbour ?ain?t seen nothing yet?
I do not blame the ?Yeah yeah? parliamentarians in Ghana because they are not up to speed with the job. They are either just square pegs in round holes or the vice versa of which only God knows. They are blinded by their nonsensical partisanship without actually serving the nation and their constituents as they should. They are only there to serve themselves and their party. No wonder that they are mostly of the ?I concur type of politicians?. The truth hurts but in the end, it brings comfort.
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