kaak Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe kaak

Ghanaian dancehall queen and first lady of HighGrade Family, Kaakie, ahead of the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) rocked the streets of Zimbabwe alongside Zimbabwean dancehall heavyweights Buffalo? and Gupsy? .

Kaakie and Ghanaian rapper M.anifest are part of headlining artists for this year?s Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) which runs till May 3.

The main concert runs on April 30 at the HIFA Grounds and it?s expected to see thousands of music loving fans.

Check out some photographs from her performance.

Kaakie A Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe Kaakie A

Kaakie B Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe Kaakie B

Kaakie C Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe Kaakie C

Kaakie D Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe Kaakie D

11204977_851591691555228_4580284948523196949_n Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe 11204977 851591691555228 4580284948523196949 n

11209713_851591728221891_6550469560757214063_n Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe 11209713 851591728221891 6550469560757214063 n

11178237_851591664888564_6077501235088396785_n Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe 11178237 851591664888564 6077501235088396785 n

11164798_851591301555267_1540290889197117519_n Kaakie Rocks Zimbabwe 11164798 851591301555267 1540290889197117519 n

Photo Credit:  NyDjLive.Com


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