Gov Yero and Vice President Sambo

Gov Yero and Vice President Sambo

As the 2015 race to Sir Kashim House of Kaduna state is getting stiffer and tougher by the day, political gladiators are also at work in order to ensure that they or theirs glue to the seat of power come 2015. On the other hand, a zone that produced the late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa of blessed memory seems to be going on a reverse gear on the race as people in the zone have two groups. These two groups are not strange to each other but their political stand at the moment does not seem to be such that will give them the gubernatorial seat come 2015.

In view of this political train of  the anticipated 2015 election, one will not be wrong to say that zone 3 which is popularly known as Southern Kaduna is gradually lacking behind. The terrain has also led people to easily nurture this perception because for long, a lot of youths from the zone like John Danfulani among other few have been clamoring for a reasonable Southern Kaduna agenda come 2015 but as usual, those with the economic strength to do so, do not have the Southern Kaduna agenda at heart; it seems they are at all time ready to settle for less. As such, they continue to make repetitive attempts to settle for less and benefit from the Sir Kashim House Crumbs. i.e appointments as commissioners, Special advicers among other benefits.

As for those nurturing and propagating the Agenda, they are mostly youths whom think their people have been marginalized and have been denied the right to occupy the seat of the state governor except for once when Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa Emerged and as God permits, they lost him on the seat on 15th December 2012 along side the former chief security advicer to the president, Gen. Azazi. The cry from such youths are such that can easily be termed emotional, and will be strong enough to make the toughest contender emotional to the point of withdrawing from his earlier ambition to contest in the 2015 gubernatorial race or make his Party the PDP to declare or rather zone the  flag bearer seat to the good people of Southern Kaduna; As the youths are putting up a valid emotional argument of the fact that, it was their turn to occupy the seat of the state governor and that their Son Yakowa should have been the one occupying the seat for today if not for death that took him away. They also posited that since Governor Yero is currently seating on a southern Kaduna mandate, it simply implies that He should support a southern Kaduna candidate come 2015 and not make attempt to contest the seat that ordinarily should be a southern Kaduna seat. This group can also be termed as those that wished for the seat to go back to their zone and they are ready to go the extra mile to achieve this but from current indications, cannot afford what it takes to go for the battle; i.e. the economic strength to wrestle in the pitch. They are now only sitting on the spectators seats, wishing that the players should have been playing otherwise?

As early as the arrival of APC, they have been clamoring among key players in the zone that they should rally round and take charge of the party affairs in the state, according to a statement made by the out gone National Association of Kaduna State Student(NAKASS) president, Mr John Habu Ekow. He said ?we need to come out with a great force and own the party, by so doing, when its time for a structure, our already established dominance will go along way into ensuring that we have the party gubernatorial flag since it was clear from the onset that we cannot cajole PDP to hand it over to us seeing that YERO is their number one contender??.

On the other hand, Comrade Mock Kure also made a statement in order to clear the air on why they should have an alternative platform. He said ??We were clamoring for APC dominance not because We want a divided attention in Southern Kaduna, but because we felt it was our only way to compete favorably with Ramalan Yero come 2015 and if all things work together for good to those who belief, we might produce another Moses that will whisk us to Sir Kashim??. He also pointed out that as they were campaigning for a total Southern Kaduna dominance of APC, a lot of Enemies within, who he termed as YanMaula, Gerantocrats, political confucionists, Ramalan Boot Lickers and the PDP sympathizers came in their large number to tell them that APC is a Muslim Party, and that the devil You know is better than the Angel You don?t know, and recently insulted their collective sensibility by saying PDP is Souther Kaduna Religion and Heritage. According to him, this implies that a lot of people in the zone have been bought into premature campaigns that can hardly make PDP a force to reckon with except they hand over the Party gubernatorial 2015 ticket to a bonafide, and marketable Southern Kaduna Son like Yakowa.

Going by the position of the comrades one can easily posit that indeed the enemies within have succeeded in confusing Southern Kaduna people not to have a defined Political Ideological or meaningful structures even until this moment. It is so because, going by a recent research conducted by the Democratic Emancipation Movement (DEM) a report was in the social media which revealed that 85% of the people are saying they cannot vote for PDP if Ramalan Yero gets the Part Ticket to contest as the governor of Kaduna State come 2015. But even as the people are resolute about not voting for Ramalan, they are yet to know a viable favorable opposition they should be moving their total support to in order to make him the governor come 2015.

For a lot of them let APC go because they were told it was a Muslim Party, and at such, they were not able to dominate the party as they ought to. They are now coming to a roundtable as equals to deliberate on matters in the party with key players from zone 1 and zone 2.

At the moment, the Interest of a lot of people in the State is none other than the Party Flag. But to APC it has been the party structure. A lot of people vied for the seat of the chairmanship of the party from all over the state but those vying for the state chairmanship seat of the party from zone 1 and 2 were not smiled at By the Core APC chieftains. They were rather focusing on a Brand Name from zone 3 whose name is Bala Bantex. At a time, they seemed to be anointing Bantex to take over the Party Leadership so that the party gubernatorial Flag bearer can come from either zone 1 or 2. At that point, a lot of political analysts like John Danfulani were of the opinion that If this happen, then Southern Kaduna will be left to choose between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Today Bala Bantex is the Kaduna State Party chairman of the APC and his people are now saying he has no business being the party chairman. Where their joy will be complete is if he will be able to handover the APC Gubernatorial Flag to somebody from the same zone 3 where he hails from.

To an ordinary mind, this would seem normal or a divine arrangement. But others believe it to be the antics of the opposition as well as the carelessness of their people to listen to wise counsel before now that landed zone 3 in its current dilemma. From all indication, they would have had it differently but the reverse is the case.

Some other people believe that the microscopic few that enjoy from the crumbs of the present administration are the ones to be blamed, as the masses belief such people are driving the zone towards a situation where they will still hand zone 3 over to their paymaster at a cheap rate. This assertion can also be valid since even as the number one contender; His Excellency Dr. Ramalan Yero. the executive governor of Kaduna  state has staged his campaign, the zone 3 have no any viable marketable candidate that seek to oppose the incumbent occupant of the government house. According to John Danfulani, his people (zone 3) are quiet for now due to the heat on ground on how the governor is running the state in a reverse Manner.  Danfulani also pointed out that soon they will reappear with their full force for the last fight. While responding to the popular adage that seemed to be used when campaigning for Governor Yero and the PDP (the devil you know is better than the Angel You don?t know) Danfulani said I think we will rather go with for the Unknown Angel than to go for your own known Devil.

The quest is on and as other people said the seat should go to he who the cap fits, others think they should have a stake on he who the cap fits as they will be the lead while he leads.

by Sabo Douglas Garba


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