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Sexy and daring actress Kafui Danku has told NEWS-ONE her husband is the best thing that ever happened to her and has expressed shock that a section of the Ghanaian media wants to decide the age of the man she chooses to marry.

The hot-in-demand actress, on Sunday, spoke to NEWS-ONE about her life, her career and upcoming movie, ?I Do?, which she premieres at the Silverbird Cinemas on March 6. The interview started with a question on how she spent Valentine?s Day.

How was your valentine?

Oh it was good. A little boring during the day but later in the evening it was more fun. Spent some good time with my husband.

Where have you been hiding?

I have not been hiding. My last movie was in November and I am premiering another one in March, which is next month. You can?t call that hiding. I?ve been busy?shooting and getting the movie ready, pushing the posters and publicity and?

Oh is that the poster with naked couples in a Jacuzzi?

Did you see anyone naked in there? That?s our artwork for the ?I Do? movie. It shows on March 6 at the Silverbird Cinemas. It is called ?I Do?. It stars Van Vicker, Nana Ama McBrown, Elikim Kumordzie, Roselyn Ngizzah, Mawuli Gavor, myself and some other known talents.

a scene from the ?I Do? movie a scene from the ?I Do? movie

What is all this about?

I am terrible at telling stories because I jumble everything together. But this one is about four friends who decided to get married the same day so they do not miss each other?s wedding. They grew up together and all that so they were that close. They got married on same day as planned and on their honeymoon night at the same hotel, something happens and it turns into something else. It was scripted and directed by Koby Rana. It is my fourth production.

But Kafui why do movies when everyone says it is not a lucrative business?

Hmmm! I try to communicate. I love to tell stories through movies. I love stories. I believe they help us to an extent. I believe you do watch movies and you learn a lot from them as well as get entertained. That?s what I have the passion for. Though it is not yet lucrative, I am hopeful it would get better. Hard work pays. And I am sure this would pay some day.

Has it paid off for you so far?

So far no. But I hate to be staying negative. So when people ask, I say it is getting better. And that is the truth. It would pay someday.

What exactly is the challenge?

A lot of factors: high production cost, piracy, poor distribution and monitoring system, charges of cast; but they are artistes and you can?t blame them because that is what they do for a living and you have to pay them well. But that is why we need support and sponsorship from corporate sector and people that like the idea of telling the African story. It has been very challenging paying for equipment, production, promotion, artistes and at the end of the day, I mean, you do not get the kind of money you want back. It is difficult. But all I keep saying is that manna has to fall from heaven some time and that is what keeps us going. The passion also plays an important role.

But we have been lucky this time. We got Huawei to support us, we got La Palm Royal Beach, we got Moet & Chandon and I am very happy and would call on other companies to come on board.

How do you balance your time consuming job with your marital responsibilities?

So far I am really happy everything is going on well. I don?t have any issues. My lovely husband met me as an actress and has come to understand and believe in my career. He supports me and knows it is time consuming. Sometimes he says he pities me not because I am not home, but because I work too hard and I don?t get rest. My husband is positive. He is not nagging or complaining.

Who is your husband?

Oh you don?t know him? You should meet him one of these days; a very nice guy. When you meet him, you can have a chat with him.

What does he do?

Halifax, this is about me and not my husband. Focus on me.

I only asked what he does for a living.

He does something completely different from what I do. He is a scientist.

I admire the way you have stayed off scandalous reports and negative controversies.

Thank you. I don?t know how to answer that. But I think I focus on my work and my husband and do not pay attention to things I consider unnecessary to my life. I tried to stay positive the whole time.

Is it that you do not hang out or make friends?

I do but I hang out with the right people. The wrong people attract trouble. I hang out with more positive people.

There is a debate out there on how many children you have.

Me? Number of kids? I don?t have kids yet. I would love to have twins someday. I was saying triplets but I have changed my mind; now I want twins.

Any word for the several young ladies who see you as their role model?

I would say dreams come true and also stay positive. Do not give up. There were times I had contemplated giving up but I held on and decided to make it. They should be determined and keep pushing while they continue to believe in God.

You wanted to give up?

Oh yes. As an actress, my job is tiring and we do not stick to time. We are so bad in getting things done. Sometimes even photo shoots are stressful and you have to put on makeup, wigs and all that. Even the gossips can make you want to give up.

Which of the gossips really caught your attention?

I hardly pay attention to them. But I remember this one about my husband. I went to a movie premiere with my husband and then there was a fuss about it and people started to talk anyhow. I was shocked at what people said because at my age, I am surprised people want to teach me how to date and love and the age of the man I should marry. Incredible! I did not really get it and I found it a bit strange.

Halifax, look at me well. At my age?a full grown woman?do people need to tell me who to marry and even decide the age of the man I love and want to marry? I found that strange but I did not bother to react because I was shocked. It is a matter of choice and wanting to be happy, not the age of your spouse. Some people have married younger men and ended up having sad marriages and they are not happy.

Are you happy with your husband?

Of course!!! He does not stress me, I get all the support, he is one of the best things that have happened to me.

Is that why you have a glow in your eyes anytime you talk about him?

I am happy you can see it. He always wants to see me happy and do the things that I want to do. He makes me happy and I would be happy for as long as we are together.

What should we expect from you the rest of the year?

Well, normally we schedule two movies per year. The first one is this March, on the sixth, and we plan another one within the year. But we have other plans we would make public as and when we are sure about them.

Is there any final thing you may want to tell readers?

They should just come out on March 6 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra and Weija and watch my movie and support a worthy cause. It is a movie that would appeal to all classes of people?rich, poor, single, married, divorced, dating; you still need to watch the movie.

You produced the movie?

Yes I am the executive producer.

What is special about ?I Do?.

Everything. If you have seen my movies, you would realise they always entertain, inform and educate, and also have unexpected twists and turns. ?I Do? is my best so far and so so unpredictable. It is for both the married and unmarried and I bet you, you would get your money?s worth if you watched it. This is a very good movie.

Source: Newsone

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