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Kafui Dey Spills The Beans Over ‘Something Something’

Kafui Dey
Kafui Dey

Kafui Dey shines through his production skills on ‘Something Something’ as well as ‘Today Be Today’ by Korzai.

He is golden when it comes to radio, diamond encrusted when one talks of presenting on television. In terms of audio and visual enterprises, his name is the bell that rings.

Except for some few who knew his production prowess, a cross section of the public did not know that the radio and television broadcaster who does the Breakfast Show on Ghana Television, is also a music producer and in that sense, the brain behind the song ‘Something Something’ by Korzai.

Opening the conversation about recording, editing, mixing and mastering he said: “Before doing radio and television, there was music. My father was a musician, and all my brothers play as musicians as well.

“My youngest brother is a professional jazz musician, he started playing at the age of two. So, always, we had a music background.”

He was once in the same band with the now famous reggae icon, Rocky Dawuni : “I played in school, we had a band in the University of Ghana campus, a reggae band that Rocky Dawuni played in.”

Getting on with Nat Brew, Akosua Agyapong and Rex Omar, he narrates: “When I was on campus at the University of Ghana, Nat Brew’s younger brother told me to come to a studio because a band called Nakorex were about to record a song.”

“I went to the studio, and they sang the song, and I played the keyboard to it. That song is known as ‘Kpalogo Ye De’.

“And I ended up working with a whole bunch of musicians, I even worked with Akyeame, Tommy Wiredu, Charles Amoah, Nii Lante the doctor, Kente, Agboti Yao among many others.”

Coming back to the subject matter, he explained: “Korzai, who is a friend of mine, sent me a demo of ‘Something Something through voice note on WhatsApp. 

“The moment I heard the song, I said to him, brother let’s record the song, this song is a hit, given the melody and the message in it. And I thought, it is going to be something special.

“So, Korzai came to town, and we went to ‘Think Media Studio in North Kaneshie to do the recording.”

Not taking full credit and advantage of the process with respect to the tweaks and knobbing in production, Kafui Dey mentioned Danny, as the sound engineer who orchestrated everything together in the space of four hours.

Pouring his creative juices out, Kafui said: “When you listen clearly you will hear my voice as well singing some of the responses behind the main singer Korzai.”

Regarding how the song is taking shape and making waves, Kafui believes: “Something Something’ is a surprise of a song, anytime I play it to people they get the message immediately.”

Relating the song to his biblical knowledge, he said: “You don’t really know what is going to happen next in life, and it reminds me of my favourite book in the Bible, Ecclesiastic where it talks about how unpredictable life can be.

“It has a philosophical sense to it and people are even using it on relationships’ programs as well.”

The good news is that plans are well ahead to produce a video to the song as well as another follow up song called ‘Today Be Today’.

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