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Kasoa’s Cry for Change: Bright Botchway Blasts NPP’s Failures, Vows NDC Revival Led by Phylix Naa Kooyor”

Bright Botchway
Bright Botchway

Yesterday ,In an electrifying statement that set the political landscape ablaze, Bright Botchway, the National Deputy Coordinator for Traders and Artisans under the NDC, delivered a scathing critique of the NPP’s economic mismanagement, particularly spotlighting the distress of Kasoa’s traders and artisans.

His words came as a thunderous call to action during the launch of the groundbreaking organic Alpha Max Pro Plus Toffee and Coffee at Millennium City Estate.

Botchway’s fervent commentary did not mince words as he painted a grim picture of life under the current regime in Kasoa, a vibrant business hub within the Awutu Senya East constituency, now beleaguered by stagnation. “The economic turmoil has not just left a dent; it’s a gaping hole in the heart of our community,” Botchway declared, drawing a stark contrast between the NPP’s tenure and the developmental leaps achieved under the NDC’s previous governance – a legacy of markets, traffic-easing flyovers, and health facilities that once spurred Kasoa’s growth.

With the acumen of a seasoned political strategist, Botchway positioned Kasoa as a battleground for national attention, a testament to the NDC’s unwavering commitment to reclaim and rejuvenate. “Kasoa is not just any constituency; it’s the NDC’s national assignment,” he emphasized, rallying the party’s troops around Phylix Naa Kooyor, the NDC’s determined parliamentary candidate for 2024.

The critique of Hawa Koomson, the incumbent MP, was unsparing. “After such dismal performance, re-electing Koomson would be a disservice to Kasoa,” Botchway stated, his voice echoing the collective frustration and demand for change among Kasoa’s populace.

This bold narrative from Botchway is more than a wake-up call; it’s a clarion call for a resurgence of hope, development, and prosperity under the NDC’s banner, championed by Phylix Naa Kooyor. As Kasoa stands at this political crossroads, the upcoming 2024 elections promise to be a defining moment, potentially heralding a new dawn of progress and empowerment for the traders and artisans who are the lifeblood of the constituency.

Botchway’s impassioned plea has undoubtedly sent ripples through the political sphere, positioning the NDC not just as a party of promise but as a beacon of actionable change for Kasoa. The stakes are high, and the battle lines are drawn, with the heart and soul of Kasoa hanging in the balance.

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