The ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ star grew up alongside her brother Oliver, her half-sibling Wyatt and Kurt Russell’s son Boston and admits it helped her to “toughen her constitution”.

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
She said: “When you grow up with three boys you’re forced to be in touch with your girl power and you develop a pretty thick skin.

“My brothers really toughened up my constitution. I have a girly side to me but there’s a fierce one in there too which comes out when I’m working, and every once in a while it comes out in friendships and relationships with partners too.”

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old actress revealed she had a “beautiful” childhood and takes inspiration from her mother Goldie Hawn and her partner Kurt on how to bring up her own children, Bingham, four and Ryder, 12.

She added to The Independent’s Radar magazine: “I think my parenting style is pretty similar to my own parents. We had a beautiful childhood. It’s not that it didn’t come with family stuff like a lot of families have, but we were lucky and were so close and remain close which today I think is very rare …

“We had a traditional upbringing, progressive, but very family-value-oriented, but there were also extraordinary things that we didn’t realise were extraordinary until growing up.”

Source: BANG Showbiz



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