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Share Market News is the report of the stock-trade activity conducted by the retail and institutional investors. The information will include details like the stock quotes, technical data and the market trends. The Stock markets have the daily fixed schedule during which the trading is conducted in major markets of the world. Share market News also provides the data regarding the stock futures market as well as the currency and the commodity markets.

Analyst Ratings is a weekly feature that rates more than 4500 US stocks for its strengths and weaknesses based on quarterly results and the volume traded. The analysis provides the list of upgraded and downgraded stocks to help the investor plan his next week’s investment patterns. Some investment agencies also give recommendations based on ratings.

They include suggestions such as Strong buy, Moderate buy, Hold or Moderate sell and Strong sell. At any given point in time, Analyst Ratings can give the investor the historic as well as the immediate perspective about a particular stock.

Latest Finance News is a breaking news ticker giving out minute by minute business happenings around the world. The news coverage will include features such as headlines, markets, comments, analysis, money, property, executive life & style and Forex developments. In the recent times, the effect of happenings in the emerging markets and the Middle East has also been given prominence by the news agencies. International political news that affects the economic policies are also updated for the benefit of the investors. Latest stock market updates will also run a section on market charts showcasing latest fluctuations in the international markets.

Latest Stock Market Updates helps to identify the day-long changes that occur in the value of the stocks. Stock trader is always on a look out for a good buy or an opportunity to sell a bad investment. He will remain in touch with the updates as and when it happens to square up his day trading account. The influence of market updates is also considerable on the bankers who provide finance to the investor to manage their market outstanding. In the depressed market conditions, the financial institutions avoid the risk of funding the market investors. Latest stock market updates also provides information regarding quarterly results, dividend announcements, IPOs and the proposed public offers.

Most Active Stock are those 20 stocks that have high volume trading on the NASDAQ composite. They determine the overall market trend either towards the Bull Run or the Bear run. The news about the high earning stocks is now available from the variety of sources such as television, Internet and the mobile phones. Stock market is an investment game. The NASDAQ 100 is also in demand for their value for money to the investors. Its competitor the S& P 500 finds harder to beat the NASDAQ 100, when the economy is in high growth trajectory. Another advantage of trading on the NASDAQ exchange is that the charges are on lower side compared to S&P 500. Most Active Stock allows the investor the luxury to relax and stay invested in the long term.

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