Kelly Markey Unveils Groundbreaking Book: “MAKING SAGE DECISIONS”

A Photo Collage Of Author Kelly Markey Left And Guests At The Launch Of Her Book In New York
A Photo Collage Of Author Kelly Markey Left And Guests At The Launch Of Her Book In New York

Renowned author, speaker, and coach Kelly Markey, a two-time nominee for the Nobel Prize, is set to captivate readers worldwide with the release of her latest book, “MAKING SAGE DECISIONS.” Hailing from Sydney, Australia, originally from South Africa, Markey’s powerful insights on decision-making promise to leave a lasting impact on individuals seeking to shape a more conscious and purposeful existence.

In “MAKING SAGE DECISIONS,” Kelly Markey explores the art of decision-making, offering a transformative guide to sculpting choices and conquering the internal challenges that often hinder progress. With a wealth of wisdom drawn from her experiences, Markey provides readers with practical tools to navigate life’s crossroads and make decisions that resonate with purpose.

Key Features of “MAKING SAGE DECISIONS” Include:
Proven strategies for mastering the intricate process of decision-making.
Insightful anecdotes and real-life examples to illustrate the principles outlined in the book.
Practical exercises to empower readers to apply newfound decision-making skills in their daily lives.

A holistic approach that addresses both personal and professional decision-making challenges.
Beyond her literary accomplishments, Kelly Markey has earned accolades as a compelling speaker and coach. Her two Nobel Prize nominations attest to the profound impact of her work on a global scale. Now, Markey is taking her expertise on the road with an upcoming North American book tour, featuring podcast and media interviews, as well as exclusive book signings.
“MAKING SAGE DECISIONS” is set to inspire and guide readers on a transformative journey towards better decision-making and, consequently, a better world. To stay updated on Kelly Markey’s North American book tour and other exciting events, visit

For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information, please contact:

Kelly Markey,, +61 410898159

About Kelly Markey:

Kelly Markey is a bestselling author, speaker, and coach based in Sydney, Australia. Originally from South Africa, Markey has dedicated her career to empowering individuals to make sage decisions and shape a purposeful and conscious life. Her latest book, “MAKING SAGE DECISIONS,” is a testament to her commitment to transforming lives through the art of decision-making.

Kelly Markey is a genuine Renaissance woman, a multifaceted phenomenon. She most definitely creates a new pace on every road that is less travelled, she paves it as she braves it and carves her name set in stone. Kelly makes the keyboard hum as a social reformer. 

Purring the highlights of injustice. Markey has a career littered with success including several Nobel prize nominations. 2023 of Woman Changing the World Award finalist. In addition, Kelly was honoured as Top Executive for the Year 2023 by the professional panel at International Association of Top Professionals.

She is a leader and supporter for creating sustainable families and educating children in Uganda. Markey has a strong partnership with Zululand Lifeline South Africa to improve holistic care, member of The Cancer Institute, Australia to support and champion research. Undergraduate of the human spirit and soul. Markey’s writing is compelling, voluptuous, conjuring memories and history of events like a literary godmother. Kelly is a cardinal power of articulate in non-fiction motivation.

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