Kenneth Kondo: Resilient young entrepreneur poised to make strides amid economic challenges

Kenneth Kondo
Kenneth Kwame Seyram Kondo

Ghana’s economy has been faced with several challenges over the past years with businesses struggling to cope but the story of Kenneth Kwame Seyram Kondo could serve as an inspiration for many others.

The economic difficulties have culminated in the unfriendly nature of the job market to some youth in Ghana, but Kenneth Kondo has decided to rise to the challenge of refusing to join the unemployment bandwagon notwithstanding his young age.

Currently, in Ghana, many young people are applying for visas to travel abroad for job opportunities in countries namely Germany, Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

As the Finance Minister of Ghana put it in clear terms ” Government’s payroll is full..”, the private sector has become the second window of hope for many youth in Ghana; who cannot afford to travel abroad, and entrepreneurship is a tool to staying afloat the ocean of unemployment.

Kenneth Kondo was only 18 yrs when he started professional carpentry. He trained with other professional carpenters and learned the trade on the field.

After this, he began his own business and employed a team of skilled carpenters; who are even older than himself. But, despite being self-employed, the road hasn’t been always easy for him.

Due to his young age, many potential clients took him for granted and so, he had to employ a more professional approach in dealing with some of these clients.

In some cases, even though his work spoke clearly and loudly for him, he still needed to go the extra mile to ensure that payments were made to the full and on time.

Nevertheless, Kenneth has remained focused on his vision to bring affordable but quality furniture and woodwork to many of his customers. For him, it is now more than a job but a calling to perfection.

He currently can boast of Sucasa properties as one of his many trusted clients in Ghana.

Unlike many young people who rush into entrepreneurship and give up only a few steps of the journey, Kenneth has developed a deep and sincere passion for his work and has assured his clients by the attention he pays to details and timely deliveries that he is not in this for the short term.

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