The Kenyan government said Wednesday it’s exploring local mechanisms to stabilise harmonious co-existence among communities in the northwest region, which, for decades, have been engaged in retaliatory strifes. Kenya
Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Amina Mohamed said the government has begun sensitizing the warring communities on the acceptable means of solving conflicts amicably within their borders.
“The necessity for peace and security as a prerequisite for development cannot be overemphasized,” Mohamed said in Nakuru in a speech read on her behalf by Muburi Muita, the national coordinator in the Office of the Great Lakes Region.
Mohamed said the initiative is in interest of bringing on board village opinion leaders in the strides towards bringing peace in the region largely dominated by pastoralists.
The two-day meeting was organised by foreign affairs ministry and brought together representatives from communities in the conflict zones in the North Rift.
Northwest region is identified as a key region in need for sustainable development to promote peace and stability in the Great Lakes region, which constitutes of 12 countries in the African continent, of which Kenya is a signatory.
Recurrent cattle rustling and revenge banditry attacks have for many years made part of history for communities the North Rift. Hundreds of people have been displaced with several being killed in the raids and retaliatory fights.
Mohamed noted the significance of supporting local initiatives spearheaded by the affected communities as they were key in ending conflicts arising from demarcation of boundaries, ethnic descent and resources such as grazing fields.
She said the causes of inter-community conflicts are equally influenced by the cross border stability factors and called for concerted efforts to end regional conflicts.
Baringo County Commissioner, Peter Okwanyo said proliferation of the illegal firearms in the region has necessitated high tech banditry attacks.
“Possession of the illegal firearms has created confidence among the raiders to carry out attacks and have the audacity to attack the security personnel,” Okwanyo told the participants, who the foreign ministry expects to conduct peace campaigns at the grassroots.
The government security official said they would continue to disarm the communities as part of efforts to promote a lasting solution to inter-community conflicts in the northwest region. Enditem



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