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Kenya has reduced wage bill amid quest to boost financing of development programs, an official said on Wednesday.

Lyn Mengich, Chairperson of Salaries and Remuneration Commission, said the government has embarked on the reduction of recurrent expenditure to ensure there are enough funds to support the implementation of projects that aim to transform the lives of citizens.

“The government has taken drastic measures to reduce the public sector wage bill and earmark additional funds to development projects and provision of social services like health and education,” said Mengich.

She said that innovative strategies have been adopted to ensure wage bill in the public service does not compromise economic growth in the country.

“Our target is to make sure the public sector wage bill does not exceed 35 percent of revenue collected by the tax authority every year,” said Mengich.

She said that Kenya will from November 26 host a national summit that will be attended by political leaders, policymakers, scholars and citizens’ welfare groups to discuss strategies required to have a sustainable wage bill in the public service.

The three-day summit dubbed “Transforming Kenya’s Economy through a Fiscally Sustainable Public Wage bill” will share best practices required to tame recurrent expenditure in the government.

Mengich said that Kenya is keen to regulate the salaries of state employees and ensure they do not jeopardize financing of development programs focusing on poverty reduction, food security, access to health, clean water and energy. Enditem


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