Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) Chief Executive Officer Sammy Milgo told a media briefing in Nairobi that the move will help to boost the credibility of results from Kenyan laboratories.

“This will ensure that all export goods that are tested by Kenyan laboratories don’t need to be retested by the importing countries,” Milgo said during at a trade conference.

The meeting brought over 100 participants to review ways to improve the quality of infrastructure of Kenya’s standards institutions.

Milgo said that the World Trade Organization has set standards for products which Kenya as a member has to comply with.

“We are therefore strengthening the capacity of our standards bodies because credible tests are key to successful trade,” he said.

Kenya is a key exporter of tea, coffee and horticulture products to the EU.

Kenyan goods have been rejected by other nations due to nonconformity to standards.

Milgo said that unless Kenya plays by the trade rules, its exports will not be able to access lucrative markets.

The CEO said that most non-tariff barriers experienced during cross border trade emanates from non-conformity to standards.

“So when you have the capacity to have credible results, international markets will accept your products without the need for retesting,” Milgo said, adding that KENAS will ensure that Kenya maintains a dynamic certification regime so that its standards vary according to the needs of the markets. Enditem



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