Holiday makers

by Christine Lagat

The motel, located at the foothill of Aberdare Mountains in central Kenya, has been a prized destination for urban dwellers in search of ambience.

Holiday makersHoliday makers endowed with deeper pockets trooped to the motel on Sunday to sample local delicacies and cool breeze emanating from the reservoir that is the source of more than 70 percent of clean drinking water supplied in Nairobi and its environs.

David Gaitho, a middle-aged self employed auditor, took his entire family to the medium sized motel in order to unwind over roast meat and beer.

Speaking to Xinhua, Gaitho revealed his love for country holidays since they promise more ambience, fulfillment and authenticity.

“This year alone, I have visited this motel thrice and everything on offer is above board. Besides the tasty dishes, the surrounding environment is very serene,” said Gaitho.

The father of two teenage sons is the owner of a Nairobi-based medium sized auditing firm and his ancestral village is ten kilometers away from Ndakaini dam motel.

On Sunday afternoon, he managed to tag along several close friends to the motel to enjoy the meals, drinks and country music.

Well-heeled Kenyan urban dwellers like Gaitho have defied conventional wisdom to explore new and more refreshing holiday destinations in the countryside.

“The urban legend has it that you can only enjoy the Christmas holiday on the beach. Some of us have defied these myths to try alternatives that are not only cheaper but more fulfilling,”Gaitho remarked.

As the crowd of revelers swelled inside Ndakaini Dam Motel, the festive mood reached a crescendo.
Patrons were treated to special dishes, alcohol and music from a local band.

The swelling number of Kenyans trooping to countryside resorts during the festive season is also good news to investors in domestic tourism.

Savvy entrepreneurs who have invested in these countryside resorts were not disappointed in this year’s festive season given the record number of revelers.

A female manager at Ndakaini Dam Motel who preferred anonymity told Xinhua business peaked from Mid December and the trend could extend to New Year.

“Sometimes we had to outsource catering services from elsewhere as the number of guests increased tremendously. This facility has gained fame in Nairobi and Central Kenya counties,” she said.

Kenyan’s love for adventure reached a climax this festive season as they explored new holiday destinations that promise more thrill.

Several patrons at the motel who spoke to Xinhua agreed that country holidays are not only therapeutic but revitalizes communal relations.

“I have always preferred countryside resorts in order to reconnect with my roots and blend with nature,” said Amos Njoroge, a Nairobi-based IT professional.

Kenyan urban middle classes were unwavering in their quest for leisure during this festive season.

Armed with an automobile and disposable income, the Kenyan middle class families created a buzz in their home towns as they spent the last coin on local delicacies and beer.

A spot checked by Xinhua revealed that rural hotels and entertainment joints were the preferred destination for urban dwellers during the festive season.

Roadside motels too recorded brisk business as guests from big cities trooped there to enjoy the serene atmosphere and tasty meals.

At the Makuti park, a grass thatched roadside motel in Murang county, the service team was almost overwhelmed by the rising number of guests.

The management had nevertheless procured additional waiters and waitresses to help cope with a huge demand for catering services.

“Business has been good since Christmas day on Friday and we anticipate another windfall during the New Year celebrations. We have received so many guests from cities and nearby towns,” said Peter Kariuki, a waiter at Makuti Park.

Kenyans’ time honored tradition of reuniting with their families in the villages during the festive season has not diminished in value despite the onslaught of modernity.

The countryside resorts have cashed on this ageless ritual by providing a space for Kenyans to reconnect with their loved ones and make merry. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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