Keta-Anloga Youth Parliament issues warning over illegal fishing in Keta Lagoon


The Keta and Anloga Youth Parliaments under the National Youth Authority in the Volta Region, have cautioned fisher folks to stop indulging in illegal fishing methods in the Keta Lagoon.

They said the practice caused irreparable damage to fish stocks, as well as posing health risks to humans.

Mr Emmanuel Gameli Dovia, Chairman of the Publicity Committee in a statement, indicated that their attention had been drawn to the illegal activities of some fishermen using poisonous chemicals and other bad methods to trap new species of fish in the lagoon.

“The Keta Lagoon fishing has been plagued with illegal activities in recent weeks, destructive fishing practices by the fishers with light, dynamites and chemicals.”

The statement said the acts remained quick fixes for desperate fishers that were causing irreparable damages to the fish stock and risking human health.”

The statement identified areas such as Azizadzi, Kedzi, Vodza, Adzido and Vui as areas around the southern part of the lagoon, which were within the Keta Municipality where the illegal activities remained rampant.

“We are therefore, calling on those engaging in these illegal activities to stop with immediate effect,” the statement said.

The statement also appealed to assembly members, officials of the Fisheries Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other relevant authorities to investigate and put the situation under control.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) also observed that, the recent opening of the sluice bridges and sandbar at Kedzi-Havedzi, which allowed the sea to flow into the lagoon, causes sea species such as crab, shrimps, sardine, and others to breed in the lagoon.

The situation had forced fishermen on the lagoon to be in desperate need to catch the new species using some bad methods to harvest them.

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