Khloe Kardashian stands in defence of her sisters and the family name



Khloe Kardashian blasted rumors saying that people were doing cocaine at her half-sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner?s graduation party. The 31-year-old reality TV star took to Twitter to set the record straight about the claims.

The rumors came after one of Kylie?s Snapchat videos, showing Khloe twerking, went viral. In the video, a man can be seen taking an unknown substance out of a small cup with his finger and putting it in his mouth.

Khloe slammed the rumors by saying that her family isn?t as wild as people think. ?You guys will make up anything. No! No one was doing coke at a graduation party in broad day light with teenagers and 15 production cameras! We aren?t as wild as you want to believe,? she wrote on Twitter.

She said that the alleged cocaine was actually a Jell-O shot. ?We were taking Jell-O shots though and you have to scrap the rim of the shot glass w ur finger to loosen up the jello in order 2 take it. Just say no to drugs kids!? the ?Kocktails with Khloe? host added. ?Drugs so not our style.?

Following her tweets, Khloe replied to some fans who responded to her statement. Twitter user @FearlessBellas_ defended Khloe as saying, ?The silly & stupid accusations that people make just have me laughing!! coke at the graduation party? Don?t think so. @khloekardashian.? The reality TV star simply replied, [email protected]_ just do stupid!!!!!?

Meanwhile, user @MrsLWhitten, who seemingly blamed the reality TV star?s family, wrote, [email protected] ppl will believe anything but that?s part yall fault. Your teenage sister is dating a 25 year old man. So what?s the limit.? Khloe quickly responded, ?let me look at your private life my dear. Only God can judge! God bless you and your endeavors.? However, the so-called fan made it clear that she didn?t mean to blame her family as saying, [email protected] its hard doing that when you live in the public eye. Don?t get me wrong I love you! Always have but it?s an opinion.?

This isn?t the first time Khloe has taken to Twitter to slam rumors about her or her family. Last month, the reality TV star, who just finalized her divorce from Lamar Odom, blasted claims about her having undergone liposuction. Back then, she wrote, ?Why is it so hard to give credit where credits due? I work my ass off in the gym.?



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