Kids Making a Great Difference

Our Heroes
Our Heroes

Our Heroes – How Kids Are Making a Difference written by Janet Wilson. Our Heroes is the third book in Janet Wilson’s series about child activism. The book tells true stories of children who are standing up to fight unfairness and inequality.

Our Heroes
Our Heroes

Andrew Adansi ? Bonnah from Ghana who is currently ACCORD?s Goodwill Ambassador for Girl Child Soldier Eradication in Africa has his astonishing humanitarian story praised in Canada. Andrew who was also AU Ambassador for raising relief items for Somalia and the Horn of Africa and a final nominee for the 2014 International Children?s Peace Price in The Hague is lauded in the book for his outstanding contributions to humanitarian work in Africa.

Currently in his home country Ghana, Andrew is embarking on the ?Food For All? advocacy campaign to help promote food security. ?I saw that Ghana as a nation is slowly shifting her attention from food & meat production; food & meat processing; as well as food & meat storage? Andrew has remarked.

Adansi Bonnah has further noted with great concern about the pace at which the rich are only importing food & meat among other things. ?We are not thinking much about how the bad effects of the above situation are having on the nation; and we the little ones; and how it will affect our future. If something goes wrong now and in the near future, it is we – the CHILDREN – who will suffer most. I do not want another Somalia food crisis to hit Ghana. I am beginning from, August 23, 2014 to July 31, 2019, a campaign to make ?LOUD NOISE? about the situation for Ghanaians to act immediately? Andrew has underscored.

In recognition of his grand efforts to help save humanity form the scourge of hunger, a new and powerful collection of real-life child activism stories from Janet Wilson has been released in Toronto. Wilson?s previous books in the series include Our Earth: How Kids are Saving the Planet, winner of the Science in Society Book Award, and Our Rights: How Kids are Changing the World, 2014 Silver Birch Non-Fiction Award Honour Book and shortlisted for the 2014 Jane Addams Peace Award.

OUR HEROES presents ten young activists from around the globe who are on a mission to improve the lives of others, with each story illustrated by a portrait capturing each child?s spirit. Twelve-year-old Adora Svitak sets the tone: ?The world needs childish thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity, and especially optimism.? The 10 children featured in this compilation, along with the many others mentioned, have an overabundance of all those characteristics. Kesz Valdez from the Philippines was only 7 when he first gave shoes to less-fortunate children; in 2012, he was awarded the International Children?s Peace Prize. Hannah Taylor of Canada started the Ladybug Foundation to help the homeless. She paints jars and cans to look like ladybugs and sells them to raise money. Eleven-year-old Andrew Adansi-Bonnah of Ghana raised thousands of dollars during his school break for starving Somali children. He stenciled a slogan on a T-shirt and walked through his city collecting donations. Themes of bullying, class bias and others may overlap with those in Wilson?s previous work (Our Rights: How Kids are Changing the World, 2013), but that doesn?t make these stories any less inspirational. The swift portraits seize readers, leaving them not only wanting to know more, but to do more. Who are these children? What have they done, why, and what inspired them? What is the effect of their actions and what still needs to be done? Children who have changed the world give children a voice. Their stories set an example and show: change is indeed possible, it makes sense to stand against injustice – whether you are a child or adult. That is the lesson we can learn from them. Also featured are stories addressing bullying, homelessness, discrimination, poverty, and disaster relief in the world.

Janet Wilson is a fine artist and the author and illustrator of many books for children. Her book Shannen and the Dream for a School was the winner of the First Nation Communities Read award and soon to be a TV movie. Her book Our Earth: How kids are saving the planet was the winner of the Science in Society Book Award. Janet lives in Eden Mills, Ontario. Andrew is yet to launch his book in Accra and to present a courtesy copy of the book to the President of Ghana.

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