Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian had an uninvited visitor last night at her Beverly Hills estate. It seems a stranger bearing luggage got all the way to Kim’s front gate and actually buzzed the intercom. He had come, he said, to spend the night, as Kim herself had flown him into town to work on her reality show. That’s what the man said, and TMZ reports the story. Do you think the luggage was designer? Surely no one would call on Kim Kardashian without the finest in carry-ons.

Kim called the cops. Well, actually, say the usual sources, Kim “freaked” when the man would not leave. One of Kim’s “people” called the police, who responded to an intruder report. This was late at night, and stalkers—if that is what the man turns out to be—can be really scary. Kim Kardashian is right to take the whole thing seriously. Celebs have been harassed, hounded, and even killed by crazies who think they have a role in the famous person’s life, and many times they refuse to take “No!” for an answer.

There is no word yet, if the stranger was arrested or charged, since it is not actually illegal to ring someone’s doorbell—or the intercom equivalent thereof. But there ought to be a law, if there isn’t already, about not going away quietly when you are asked to do so. Jokes are made every day about Kim Kardashian basking in the public eye—but even Kim deserves a private life. And she deserves to feel safe in her own, closely guarded home.

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