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King Ayi Tunnma calls for unity among Ga state…Says coming together is for their common good

King Ayi Tunnma
King Ayi Tunnma

The founder and president of the Ga-Dangme Lands Administration (GDLA), King Ayi Tunnma has admonished natives of Ga-Dangma origin to come together and unite for their common good.

According to him, the Ga state is bedeviled with Chieftaincy disputes, land litigations, and youth unemployment among others due to the sharp division between families, gates, and towns.

King Tunnma addressing chiefs, elders, clan heads, and youth groups from the various gates during the launch and inaugural ceremony of the GDLA in Accra called for an end to the disunity among members of the same family, clans, or gates for the betterment of people of the Ga state.

According to him, the sharp division between the people of the Ga state is a carefully coordinated ploy by some politicians and chiefs to undermine the legitimacy and total development of the indigenes.

“Before we can retrieve what has been taken away from us and possess what is rightfully ours, we must come together and speak with a common voice or unite. Without this we cannot make any progress when we go to the negotiations table with a fragmented front,” he added.

King Ayi Tunnma

King Ayi Tunnma, further explained that his outfit intends to bring all Ga-Dangme lands and chieftaincy-related issues under one umbrella (GDLA) to avoid land litigations and Chieftaincy disputes as well as to support national projects.

“So for peace and justice to prevail, it’s advised that any transactions in connection with lands in the Ga-Dangme Traditional Area must pass through the GDLA for statutory approval.

For that matter, all government officials must stop using their authority or offices to determine who becomes a successor to a throne but should rather use their good offices to foster collaboration with elders of the various gates as well as an independent body like the GDLA to ensure that the right people are selected for such positions to avert future conflicts and multiple sales of lands ” King Ayi Tunnma reiterated.

He noted that challenges and conflicts in land management will continue to bedevil the country, especially the Greater Accra region if personnel of land administration institutions do not change their attitude to work.

The founder and president of the GDLA is thus calling for regular dialogue between governmental agencies, chiefs, and stakeholders in issues relating to Ga-Dangme lands, Chieftaincy, and other developmental issues to ensure that fairness and justice prevail in the Ga state.

“Today there are divisions between brothers and sisters, families and gates thus making room for two or more people claiming to be chiefs in the same family or clan because everyone wants to sell lands and this shameful spectacle is happening thanks to some selfish politicians who using such divisions to take away Ga-Dangme lands.

We can together end land guarding and other land disputes if we all come to terms that chiefs don’t own lands and therefore, cannot sell land. Ga state lands are for families and not individual chiefs.

It is, therefore, time for us to bond together as one Ga-Dangme people to stop the division and claim what belongs to us for our collective good,” He retorted.

“It has taken me over a decade to have discussions with over 90% of chiefs in the Ga state for us all to conclude that this is the opportune time to put away our differences and come together as one strong force to ensure that the Ga state is giving its fair share of the national cake.

I’m, therefore, happy to see this day as a common platform has been established to help promote, preserve, and protect the interests of Ga state and its citizens,” King Ayi Tunnma added.


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