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Kissi Agyabeng : The OSP Who Cried Wolf

Current Osp
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To say the Ghanaian Judiciary is a collection of Saints would be analogous to saying Al Capone was a model citizen; Then again, the American Judiciary makes members of the Ghanaian Judiciary seem Saintly especially regarding compliance with various unscrupulous prosecutors mainly white, to populate the American Prison Systems (mostly For-Profit Prisons) with mostly nonwhites no matter how innocent they may be or insignificant the actual offense is.

The historical US prison population census indicates that minorities are about twice the size of the prison population as compared to their counterparts from the majority. It doesn’t take much to figure out why.

Kissi Agyabeng, the current special prosecutor whose rise to fame is primarily from his association/partnership with a filmmaker whose docuseries for quite some time became the toast of the general Ghanaian populace tired of “Unchecked/Unrestrained Corruption,” and seeking a Messiah to reign in the Crooked Sadducees(mostly Politicians and public figures), recently held a pressor lamenting the same judiciary which helped prop both he and his partners over the years through willful compliance or as a more sinister mind would say, the fear of BLACKMAIL as he attempted to do with his most recent pressor held on November 29th or 30th.

Seemingly wanting to endear himself to the populace and prey on the emotions of Ghanaians, he would attempt to shame the judiciary into future compliance either on lost cases on appeal, present cases being adjudicated or future cases. Amusingly, the gentleman would pause to quote what some describe as lyrics from a once famed song.
Interestingly, if anyone has benefitted BIGLY from an unscrupulous judiciary not doing its job it would be the current special prosecutor and his partners.


In what seemed like a sequel of a previous documentary, Ghana woke up to a member of the Office of Special Prosecutor who had suddenly transformed into a passionate Defense Attorney hopping from screen-to-screen defending Mr. Adu-Boahen. Interestingly the gentleman Agyabeng did not give the judiciary he accuses of selective prosecution a chance instead channeling his inner Caeser by decreeing himself the demerits of prosecution. His office would execute that decision on the judiciary’s behalf.

The reason for this fervent display of legal defense acumen? We were informed that the said documentary from which a potential prosecution of Mr. Adu-Boahen could occur would/could not pass the legal test in court and therefore no further action was required. A curious decision, nonetheless, but such was the verdict from the guy who wishes to play victim, judge, jury, and executioner.

It begs the question, what exactly those judges who always ruled in favor of Mr. Agyabeng and his filmmakers in private practice considered in lieu of the fact that as Special Prosecutor the same man’s outfit is telling Ghanaians that those docuseries which catapulted them to fame are nothing to go court with.


If the decision on Adu-Boahen by Kissi Agyabeng was curious then the indictment of Prof Frimpong-Boateng who dared to list the names of Agyabeng’s friends/clients/associates in a report on GALAMSEY was nothing short of outrageous. In indicting Prof Frimpong Boateng for daring to include his friends and associates in the ‘Unclean World of GALAMSEYERS,’ Kissi Agyabeng himself would screen-hop to remind Ghanaians of his selective amnesia only remembering his ongoing investigation into Frimpong-Boateng after the report came out.

Obviously, the only reason the venerable professor got invited to that office in that ‘unholy month’ was to shut him up and stop him from revealing too much. In so doing a message was also transmitted to all other potential ‘whistleblowers’ that they had better research the background of those about whom they had information. GHANA IS AN ANIMAL FARM.

A portrait of the current special prosecutor in his short stint at the OSP is of a person addicted to Money, Power and Fame which keeps him in good company with the rest of us worldly and (ab)normal beings in this social media age; And a brazenly lazy individual who probably benefitted from unscrupulous judges some for fear and others in awe of a supposed legal celebrity offering to overlook flawed evidence to give him what he wants.
How do we know? Kissi Agyabeng tells us himself in his pressor and via his decision on Adu-Boahen. Basically, insinuating that judges overlook his errors and rule in his favor, finding people guilty or not guilty based on the decree of a modern-day Caeser-Aspirant.

The gentleman had better buckle up to put in actual billable hours. IT IS BUSY SEASON!

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