Kwasi Kyei Darkwah goes to court today?Thursday, 22nd January 2015 with his alleged rape victim, Ewuraeffe Orleans Thompson as scheduled by the Magistrate Court.

Effe had earlier on sent a letter to withdraw the rape case against KKD from court due to societal stigmatization but it seems things wouldnt go as easy as planned.

Prosecutors had earlier questioned the authenticity of that letter purported to have been written by Ms Thompson.

KKD on the other hand sent an apology message to Effe and the public? after the lady decided to discontinue the case but Lawyer John Ndebugri told Joy News last week since rape is a criminal case and classified as a non-bailable offence, the lady at the centre of the rape case has no power to withdraw the case.

Her interest is no longer paramount but the state.


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