Why KKD Is Facing This Rape Issue


The 3 possible scenarios that could have brought about the KKD rape case


Kwesi Kyei Darkwa was arrested during the weekend for allegedly raping a 19 year old girl known as Effe. He?s currently been granted bail and investigations are ongoing.

We have studied the issue and come out with three of the most possible case scenarios, that could have led to the 19 year old girl reporting KKD to the Airport Police.

1. The 19 year old girl?s boyfriend caught her for cheating, so she had to put the blame on KKD for rape.

Ever been in the situation where your partner found out you had been cheating on him or her, and couldn?t come up with and good excuse? This could be the case in the girl?s situation. Maybe she wanted to save her relationship with her boyfriend and thought the best excuse was to blame KKD for rape. After putting the blame on KKD, she was forced to report the case, and to prove she wasn?t telling lies, she had to report the case.

2. The 19 year old girl found out that KKD was very rich and could make a lot of money by blackmailing him.

KKD is very wealthy, and aside that he?s very popular. Its possible that the girl thought someone like that wouldn?t want his image tarnished by such a situation. She might have thought anybody is KKD?s shoes would rather pay the money, than allowing the news get out there. Apparently if this was the case, then KKD didn?t want to pay her, and she had to file a report.

3. KKD really raped the girl

It could also be that KKD could not control his urge for sex during that time, and the girl unluckily found herself in the same bathroom with KKD, and he raped her.

4. The 19 year old girl just wants to become popular

This one here is also very possible, as everybody wants to be popular or famous these days. The girl could have thought that this was an easy way to become popular. Her photos are now on some of the best websites in the country and outside, and she is now receiving massive publicity. If that?s what she really wanted, then she?s gained what she really wanted.

Take note that we are not saying this was what the girl did, but are some of the most possible reasons that could have caused this rape saga.

Source: EnterGhana | The 3 possible scenarios that could have brought about the KKD rape case

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