Reap the benifits of keeping love alive. Having a healthy love relationship depends on your ability to communicate, show affection, and fight fair.

lovers_00449370Being in a happy, healthy relationship these days seems like an impossible dream. With shows like ?Temptation Island? and ?The Bachelor? showing us all the unhealthy and unrealistic ways to woo and maintain a love interest, we often forget the simple ways of showing and receiving love. Are you in a meaningful and mutually satisfying relationship right now? Here are some key factors to having and keeping the love alive.

Communication: Almost a clich? these days, but there is nothing more important to a good relationship than communication. Couples in happy partnerships share their fears, accomplishments and daily inconsequentials openly. They can talk about the small and large issues of life without fearing judgments by the other partner. They don?t lie outright or by omission, and they strive to listen and be respectful of their partner?s ideas, frustrations and hopes.

If you find communication difficult with your loved one, you might improve upon it by first identifying why the communication might be stagnating. Do you receive communication from your significant other in a judgmental manner? Do you listen while simultaneously thinking of ways to ?fix the issue? or ?solve the problem?? Sometimes your partner just wants you to listen. Don?t feel like you need to take charge. If they want your help or advice, they will ask for it.

Have you made it difficult for your partner to open up to you by using information against them in some manner? Trust in a relationship is key to not only the fidelity of the coupling, but also in the sanctity of communication. If your partner has learned that things they tell you will later be blabbed to friends or family, or thrown back as an insult later the result will be a lack of future openness and honesty.

Physicality: The human touch is healing and essential to the happiness and feelings of contentment of an individual at all stages of their lives. A healthy relationship includes touch in both sexual and non-sexual ways. The casual brush of a hand against a loved ones shoulders says to him/her, ? I am here and I love you? in a special way. Holding hands in public, spontaneous hugs and kisses all tell your partner, and the world, that you are in a special, happy relationship.

The enjoyment of physical intimacy helps to bond the couple, and allows both partners to feel total acceptance and partnership within the relationship. Couples who don?t have regular sexual contact and affection often report feeling distant, rejected, and generally unhappy within their relationship.

Are you finding it difficult to be physical with your partner? Make it a priority. First find out if there is a physical reason why you don?t want to be intimate, do you have pain during intercourse? See your Doctor. Is there a mental reason why you avoid touch? Are you depressed, afraid, or have abuse in your past. Please see a therapist who can help you move past these factors and embrace the joy that intimacy was meant to bring.

If you have communication problems with your mate, this too will affect your desire for touch. Whatever the reason, make efforts to act on the true affection you have for your loved one, or delve into the possibility that it is a sign that your interest has waned and you should move on.

The Clean Fight: Disagreements are a normal part of any relationship. Fighting fair can be the difference between a healthy relationship and a poisonous one. Happy couples do not partake in character assassination, name calling, use of abusive language or physical violence. They stick to the issues at hand, and resolve the problem in an adult manner. Sure, emotions can run high at times, and knowing when to take a break from the discussion is necessary. Healthy relationships grow stronger by overcoming disagreements and learning how to compromise.

If your disagreements with your mate turn into screaming matches take a step back and think about what you say before you say it. Require of yourself higher standards. Stick to the issue, take the high road and try to find a common ground. If your mate is emotional de-escalate the fight by talking softly and reasonably. Work together to discuss and solve the problem without harming his or her identity and self-esteem. Ending an argument with both parties feeling heard and respected is fundamental to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Having a nurturing and healthy relationship doesn?t require a vacation on a tropical island, or limousine rides to great adventures. All it takes is some basic kindness and regard for your loved one. Find a way each day to make your mate feel special in a busy world, and you will reap the benefits of a strong and committed love.

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