Koa launches its frst cocoa fruit juice in Ghana

Cocoa Farmer Faustina With Koa S Justice And Sammy C Ko Photography
Cocoa Farmer Faustina With Koa S Justice And Sammy C Ko Photography

Koa introduces its frst cocoa fruit juice to the West African market through its gateway Ghana. Since 1895, when the frst cocoa tree was planted in the Akuapem Mountains in Ghana, there has always been a focus on the value of the cocoa bean for chocolate applications. However, there is more than just beans.

Through innovative technology, Koa has developed a unique healthy and natural fruit juice with impact at its heart. Thanks to the use of the white cocoa pulp, Koa creates additional income for cocoa smallholders and new jobs in the cocoa growing communities.

Koa is celebrating another milestone as the Swiss-Ghanaian company launches a cocoa fruit juice, Koa Natural, in Ghana for the frst time. The product, called “Koa Natural”, is an all-natural juice produced from the white, feshy part that surrounds the cocoa bean. The fresh juice is gently processed, with no added sugars, sweeteners or additives, to preserve the authentic natural sweet taste of the cocoa fruit.

The newest addition to the Ghanaian market provides a fresh taste from cocoa and naturally contains potassium and magnesium. These minerals have health benefts such as regulating the heartbeat, ensuring proper function of the muscles and nerves, and are vital for synthesising protein and metabolising carbohydrates.

Koa Natural is a versatile product. The smooth texture and tropical favour is great on its own, and it is also an exciting ingredient for cocktails, mocktails or even savoury foods. Since inception, Koa has collaborated with numerous local and international chefs as well as the international food and beverage industry, to develop recipes that enhance the salty, sweet and beverage applications of the juice.

A drink that creates impact in Ghana’s cocoa regions

As Koa Natural is produced from the previously unused cocoa fruit pulp, the juice processing provides an extra income to Ghana’s cocoa farmers due to the additional product created from the cocoa pod. At the same time, Koa’s processing facility creates local jobs in Ghana’s cocoa growing regions, contributing to the economy and responsible growth in cocoa communities.

Koa Natural is now available for sale in Ghana. To buy Koa Natural visit our Accra offce or contact us to arrange a delivery

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