?Komla Afeke Dumor, 41 Years?

Wpid Ghana High Commision For Komla Dumor
Ghanaian Community In Uk Sign Book Of Condolence For Komla Dumor

Once upon a while all animals attended the funeral of another. As usual dog went pilfering, at dawn it became aware of the murmuring, so the dog had to take the lead to the outskirts of the village and wait for his friends. As the dog sat on his tail on a small hill the cat emerged. The dog asked, ?My friend when you were leaving the village what was the topic of discussion?? The cat told the dog, ?It is all about what you did!?

wpid-ghana-high-commision-for-komla-dumor-4.jpgKomla Dumor, what has been the topic of discussion over the?airwaves? front pages of the print media and in our homes is all about you and your contribution to broadcasting. From Mobitel Traffic Watch to hosting the Super Morning Show on Joy FM coupled with your television show the Platform, the dance with the Queen Elizabeth, Harvard University to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and your sadden departure. These are the gossips in town. But, Agbedefo they are all true? Aren?t they?

Boss player what is the meaning of being lonely? A minute ago you were talking and the next you didn?t bid goodbye and you turn. So far so good you have lived your days, though short, but compelling. Indeed, it?s about what one does not how many years that is spent and expend on earth. 41 years was not much but you had almost engaged everybody on earth through your endearing profession to which you carried everything to. From the humble beginning of using a motor scooter to the World Service on BBC are worth murmuring about. Man, you lived quiet a short life and achieved what many had either not been able to attain or attempted to taking into account that you were not trained for this stressful but noble job.

Every battle cannot be won, agreed, but we least expected to read this sad one. Death is inevitable – none will turn stone here on earth, hence when the news broke; it was accepted as part and parcel of man?s certainty cloth put on. Since no one had the opportunity to determine when, where and how to be born, therefore same cannot choose the kind of death journey to embark upon and the time as well.

The gestation period of man is nine months, even in the ninth month the exact date and day of delivery cannot be known. So is death, man will die anyway, that is a certainty, but when, where and how is the misery of life. Birth and death are simply a misery.

Komla Afeke Dumor is said not to have bid a farewell. As we shake hands, embrace one another as well as share smiles and laughter together, please be reminded that, it?s a way of bidding ourselves goodbye. You leave the office after work and colleagues go like ?See you broo!? If you don?t see each either again, remember the exchange you had the previous day. The truth is that, each day death walks with us and hiding behind sickness and many of such pitfalls only to snatch love ones away from us as soon as we take our eyes off for a second.

Sometimes, it so painful you can neither get your head round it nor rake the memory off your mind. KAD was on TV?Friday?and reported dead?on Saturday?morning. That is how cunning death has always been. An African proverb says, ?Fire wood that glows well does not last, it burns quickly?; that is Komla, at 41 he has achieved so much to the admiration of the world. I hope you might have read before to the effect that, good people don?t live long. What are we here on earth for, wealth, to live long or make a mark leaving behind a good name? Man will not be around for long, it?s all about good name, that indelible ink marks seek those.

Sometimes it?s better to lose a love one to death than have the fellow live with terminal illness which has the probability of wrestling their faith in God away from them. As these love ones live through their pains daily, we will be happy they are around, but deep down their consciousness they will be questioning the superiority of the power of God over sickness. It is better for these loved ones to pass on with their faith than to live without it. We will all go one after another. If you happen to meet a friend at a lorry terminal who is traveling to the same destination as you, both might be chatting in the queue as you wait for the car. If by accident or design the car comes and your friend boards while you will have to wait for the next bus, sure you will feel sad. Why worry? Your friend is just going ahead of you. Both will see each other in a jiffy, it?s just a matter of time.

Komla is gone ahead of us, in a while and we will meet again. Life is comparable to the umbrellas of Kings. Some are behind others in ranks, so we didn?t come on the same day, hence, many will go before others.

For those who delight in exchanging their present respite for wealth should learn that, one day might be the appointed day. The appointed day can neither be delayed nor hastened by any man. From Him all men came, unto Him all men shall return. There is but only one God. There is no need for us human to pelt each other of what we have that someone else lacks. Death doesn?t take bribe or parried to a man who is not due. You are poor and cannot socialize with me; all these will come to not. The rich and poor have something in common, God created them all.

When you serve humanity remember you are seeking salvation for your soul. See how the great and small are celebrating Komla Dumor. I know he will walk shoulder high neck to the sky for faithfully serving his generation and hoisting the flag of Ghana high out there. Through KAD, Ghana found her feet firmly among the community of nations. Thank you, worthy brother. It?s not the number of years that we stay on here that will make us better, but, what we do with the short time we are granted.

Our Lord Jesus Christ spent only three years working on earth but, it?s considered the greatest of all works to the benefit to humanity. What about Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and the many who took the call to duty seriously? Within these few years at the BBC, Komla has perhaps achieved what many at the broadcaster has not been able to attempt and might not attain till they retire or also pass on.

We are of course going; heavens know where we are going. Thanks to God for offering you to us. Thank you for all that Komla, you brought to broadcasting and the many lives you touched through your daily work. And fare thee well on your journey to your maker. Your works will be your transporter and guardian. Thank you.



To death we say shame.

For taking Komla Dumor our fame

Death, did you not know his name

You death, you are nothing but hame

Komla Dumor was the BBC news dame

He did so without cane

Death again you have won to have our happiness tame

You did to Prof. Atta-Mills same

When we turned our eyes you came

He was strong when you came, hence showed no pain

He became the BBC?s pane

He never wane

He was the vane

Komla you remain a kame

Komla Dumor was baldheaded, but not wame

He always appeared sane

Death you are Komla?s Cain

We are flooded with tears death, we blame

But in God we bain

We thank God for the gift of your life to this wonderful world of ours. Komla, we pray that you have a smooth journey to the everlasting God. Mother earth; please lie lightly on this chest for he was a good man.

Komla Afeke Dumor, KAD bye for now.


Patrick Twumasi



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