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The Acting Procurement Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Mrs. Felicity Commey who has in recent times come under serious attacks from the media for joining forces with some key personalities at the hospital to ‘rob’ the nation’s flagship hospital, is once again caught in another web.

Mrs. Felicity Commey’s actions at the hospital has seriously affected the smooth running of the procurement set up of the hospital and many people at the hospital are calling for her head.

Information gathered coupled with available documents indicate that Felicity Commey was indicted in an Audit Report, where an amount of GH¢13,600.00 was reported to have vanished into thin air.

According to information Mrs. Commey was believed to have collected an amount of GH¢13,600.00 for Supplier registration but was alleged to have pocketed the money. However, after the Audit Report recommendation, she was asked by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital Prof. Out Nartey to pay the said amount to avoid any embarrassment.

In view of the advice received from her CEO, sources said, she managed to raise a receipt to cover only GH¢6,600.00 of the ‘stolen’ money, but no action has been taken to make her pay the outstanding debt she owes the hospital.

There have been several allegations of fraud involving Felicity Commey. This paper had already published information to the fact that the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital had been saved from losing another whooping amount of $61,360 through an alleged orchestrated attempt by the Acting Head of Procurement, Mrs. Felicity Commey.

This intended fraud was detected when she prepared and submitted a bill for the payment for the supply of DNA Analyzer Reagents by GOODMAN IMPEX under contract between the company and the hospital.

Indeed, it has been established that the hospital was at the time, going to pay an amount of $395,660.00 to Goodman Impex when it should have paid $288,940.00 as fee for the supply of the analyzer reagents, indicating that prices of the Analyzer Reagents have been inflated with impunity by Felicity Commey who hijacked the procurement unit of the hospital, taking any decision at will without due process and recourse to due process.

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