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Korle Gonno residents live in dejection

Korle Gonno
Korle GonnoDifferent people of various backgrounds have pooh-poohed a serious difficulty that needs attention and thought in korle gonno.Indeed, one can inferred from someones face and be able to identify what exactly is the problem before any assistance can be emerged.There is no denying the fact that the people of korle gonno have been facing a host of perennial problems and that the imperative measures are found to these seemingly insurmountable problems the better.
??? However, the first problem of the people of korle gonno is lack of good roads, these lack of good roads have affected the people of korle gonno in terms of to and fro movement to purchase items.Besides,there is a well-known market situated at korle gonno Mamprobi, called?TUESDAY?MARKET.(TM)this Tuesday?market is the exclusively market in korle gonno where consumers attend to purchase their foods-stuff,condiments and other confectionery foods.Simultaneously, a lot of traders from farthest regions do come to trade at the?Tuesday?market which happens to be the only market in korle gonno that satisfy and to save consumers from the hustle of shopping.
These roads have terrifyingly ?been in a deplorable state for so long that they have become virtually inaccessible during the raining season days.These same roads linked to the?Tuesday?market and the traders have been nagging and begging to the authorities to solve their problems but all to no avail.For this reason, conveying food-stuffs and other food crops to come and sell at the market have became tricky.Foods crops and other items attract very paltry prices which encourage consumers to patronized.
??? Meanwhile, there is shortage of good drinking water in korle gonno and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.Most of the people buy pure water sachets and ordinary water from water tankers to ease themselves abit and to minimized the stress they go through due to the shortage of portable good drinking water , but still complaints are airing due to the exorbitant fees the water tankers charged and the diminutive pure water sachets which has to be purchased copiously before it can suffice household chores.
??? Furthermore, there is a serious unemployment problem in korle gonno . the large number of exuberant young boys and girls do not have jobs to do to make ends meet in korle gonno.This has compelled them into fraud browsing business to extort money substantially from other people to do nonsensical things and to celebrate swanky parties.This has affected and resulted in ?recalcitrant individuals in korle gonno.
??? Consequently, there is a catholic school which depicts korle gonno as KORLE GONNO R/C BOYS BASIC SCHOOL.This school is almost located at a site where refuse and waste management companies dispose off their human excreta and refuse are being dump simultaneously, anytime work is in progress at the waste management center the entire students and the teachers find it difficult to cope with their studies as the bad o dour of the human excreta scudded across the sky.
??? This bad odour diffuse in various classrooms whilst academic teaching is going on. This has affected academic performance and prevented the students from coming to school early as possible.
??? It is my opinion that the government would take the below following suggestion in consideration in order to resolved these problems amicably.
??? First, the government as a matter of agency should embark upon massive roads construction to put the entire roads linking to?Tuesday?market into a good ship-shape shape to open the area for effective trade transactions.
??? Secondly, there is the need for government and other non-government organisation to come and provide pipe borne water and to repair any pipe tube that has busted to short water and therefore provide jobs for the youth to curtail the vigil night browsing business extortion of money across the continent.


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