Kris Whitehead Shares 5 Must-have Traits For Every Successful Leader

Kris Whitehead
Kris Whitehead

A true leader is not defined by one single quality. Instead, they have many traits that work together to make them an individual that inspires and brings out the best in others. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, but pinning down the qualities that make them true influencers is a tricky proposition. Some say leaders are born with certain characteristics that make them gravitate naturally toward leadership roles. Others suggest that with the required dedication, determination, and focus, anyone can learn leadership skills. Kris Whitehead, entrepreneur and founder of Think to Succeed LLC and Iconic Alliance, believes that true leaders know very well that they were not born to follow. Nevertheless, the Forbes Business Council Leader stresses that every aspiring leader must work to cultivate and nurture five qualities he believes every successful leader should possess. Here, Kris shares with us what he thinks it takes to be a successful reader, and these tips certainly make for a very enlightening read.


Master the Art of Delegation


As a multiple business owner responsible for a large number of employees, Kris Whitehead learned long ago that mastering the art of delegation was vital for any successful leader. He says, “As a leader, you must identify the areas where you are strong and where you are weak. If you feel someone else can do the task better than you, do not be afraid to delegate for the greater good.”


Communication is Key


Good leaders know how to communicate their points effectively and concisely. More than that, when they talk, people listen. Kris states, “A good leader must be persuasive and get their point across succinctly every time; else, their vision will never be truly realized.”


Inspire and Encourage


According to Kris, the stereotype of a leader barking orders and telling people what to do 24/7 has no place in the digital age. He says, “A true leader must be patient and see in others skills and attributes they may not necessarily recognize. It’s your job to inspire and encourage others to reach greater heights.”


The Buck Stops with You


It’s often lonely at the top, and with great power comes great responsibility. According to Kris, a true and successful leader is never afraid to take responsibility for their actions. “Playing the blame game is not what a real leader is all about. You must stand up and own every decision you make, good and bad. You’re the captain of the ship and must act accordingly.”


Never Stop Challenging Yourself


It’s tempting for a leader to look at all they’ve accomplished, sit back and rest on their laurels. Kris Whitehead warns that this path leads to stagnation. He states, “A leader must never stop challenging themselves, never stop pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and never stop redefining what can be achieved. Because when they do, they’re no longer fit to lead.”

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