Krobo FC succumbed to ECG/Military Team on penalties

Krobo Fc
Krobo Fc

Gallant Krobo Football Team from Kpong yielded to combined forces of Electricity of Ghana, Krobo District, and Ghana Military Engineers Football team on penalties after 90 minutes and extra time could not break the deadlock.

The ECG/Military Engineers Football team defeated the Gallant Krobo Football Team from Kpong 5:3 on penalties to win the converted trophy in Unity Gala Match organized by the ECG Krobo District office which was to create enabling environment for the two groups to work together.

Other teams that participated in the football matches were the Kpogunor FC, Akro FC, Somanya Police FC, and Yilo Krobo Senior High School (YIKROSEC) but were eliminated at different stages of the game paving the way for Kpong FC and ECG/Military Engineers to meet at the finals.

After the group fixtures, the Somanya Police played the ECG/Military team in a semi-final match which saw ECG/Military progressing to the finals while the Kpong Team also defeated the lads from YIKROSEC in the second semi-half and booked a place in the finals.

The ECG/Military and Kpong teams failed to win the competition during the stipulated regulated time despite their impressive show of skills on the field of play.

The winning team received a commemorative cup which was presented to by Mr. Emmanuel Akinie, the General Manager of ECG, Tema Region.

Ms. Sakyiwaa Mensah, Tema Regional ECG Public Relations Officer told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that as sports serves as a unifying activity, therefore, games were organized as a way to enhance the current smooth working relationship between ECG and the customers/public in the Krobo District.

Ms. Mensah also said it was also to appreciate the beauty of working hand in hand with the residents as well as serve as a reconciliatory activity while having fun with a cross-section of the public.

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