Kufuor Turns Into Pathetic Propagandist


Margaret Jackson


There are some political leaders who do not bring anything good to the table other than stoking controversy to suit their parochial political interest. Ghana has been mourning for days following the greed and negligence of Nana Boadu Nkansah Ayeboafo which led to the collapse of the Melcom Building at Achimota in Accra last Wednesday. The incident has led to the loss of 14 lives whilst close to 80 people who were rescued from the rubbles have various degrees of injuries.


Nkansah Ayeboafo, apart from being one of the biggest financiers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a personal friend of ex-president JA Kufuor and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. But strangely enough Kufuor has not yet uttered a single word of sympathy since the incident happened.


Credible leaders who transcend beyond parochial partisan politics are known to suck the emotional stress of their citizenry when calamity struck by showing empathy, but Kufuor has doggedly metamorphosed into thin air since the Melcom incident happened.


Kufuor, it seems does not want anybody to connect the dots and link him to Nkansah Ayeboafo hence his decision to keep mute. But if Kufuor wants to keep mute it would have served him better not to go to a church function organized by the NPP to turn into a shameful propagandist.


The NPP and the Ashanti Regional Council of Churches organized a praise and prayer festival at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi on Sunday, declaring that the December 7 polls is the Lord?s.


But Kufuor who probably did not know the theme of the occasion or does not believe in the power of God went to the program and shamefully accused the NDC of resorting to vote buying to avoid defeat in the up-coming elections when he has no evidence to back his wild and unimaginable claims.


When a leader like Kufuor who must know better descends into the gutter and become a serial accuser with no hard core evidence to back his claims he muddies the already tensed political atmosphere in the country.


Where did Kufuor see the NDC buying votes in order to hold on to power and where is the evidence that the NDC has failed in its promises. Was Kufuor not the one who stated blazingly that he was going to provide employment to any Ghanaian who is able to work? Was Kufuor not the same person who promised to turn all chop-bars in the country to modern class restaurants?


Was Kufuor able to achieve those wild promises during his 8 years in power when he swept every penny that came into his way for the benefit of his family? If Kufuor during his 8 years in power could not achieve all his promises how then does he expect the NDC to achieve every promise under their manifesto in 4 years?


Kufuor should spare us the political nonsense and say things that will bring the country together. He should have been the person to have come out to condemn Nkansah Ayeboafo but because of the monies he had received and continues to receive from that criminal Kufuor does not have the guts to criticize him for the calamity that he has brought on to the country.


Kufuor thinks money is all what matters in this our world, therefore, he is desperately rooting for Akufo-Addo so that if Ghanaians mistakenly gives him the nod, he Kufuor will continue from where he left off.


Ghanaians have become wiser, and never again will the country entrust the reins of government to a gang that has nothing to offer the country but to loot the country. Kufuor is a typical moron who has no shame and does not have the country at heart. One day, God will ask him what he did with the country when power was entrusted into his hands for 8 long years. Kufuor can do all the attention deflection but God?s eyes are still watching him.





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