Kumawuhemaa Going Through Heightened Desperation?


Lately, rumours in Kumawu, emanating from the Ankaase ?royal? family indicate the heightened level of desperation and panic Kumawuhemaa and probably the Asantehene are going through. From my reliable source within the Ankasse family, Kumawuhemaa has issued them the strongest ever assurance that the Kumawu chieftaincy case pending in court shall come to nought. The judge will throw out the case come 10 October 2014, she says. Has she greased the palms of the judge as she did to the Kumawu kingmakers, one may ask? No she can?t!

Previously, all her predictions about the case have come to pass. She had always insisted Asantehene could never pronounce a verdict against her. Despite all the credible historical evidence against her, Asantehene and his Council of Asanteman chiefs decided the case in her favour, indirectly but virtually sweeping the Ananangyas and the Odumases, the true royals of course, off the Kumawu Koduah Stool.

According to the rumour which is rife within, and has rekindled hope in, and jubilation among, the Ankaase ?royal? family, the court will on 10 October 2014 throw out the Kumawu chieftaincy case pending before it. As soon as the case is thrown out for not being credible enough to be entertained by the court, the person already been shown to, and accepted by, Asantehene and the Asanteman Council, shall be sworn in as Kumawuhene-elect within three hours of the court?s decision.

?This is the decision of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, to??the Ankaase family via Kumawuhemaa, so the rumour says. From?the same source, Asantehene is scared that any contrary?verdict will tarnish his reputation. He will also ensure?there will be no time for any aggrieved party to lodge an?appeal hence the 3-hour time frame within which, the new
?Kumawuhene will be sworn in. To him, any appeal thereafter will?be dealt with a Kumawuhene, with him being outside the?picture thereon. This initiative will sound totally nonsense
in the ears of many a discerning Kumawuman citizen.

By my style as usual, I would like the following few questions answered by the originators and perpetrators of the rumour which I find it hard to dispute or disregard outright for everything is possible in Ghana.

1.? ? ? How did Asantehene come to know that the case will be thrown out for lack of credibility?
2.? ? ? How did Kumawuhemaa come by this information to pass on to her Ankaase ?royal? family?
3.? ? ? Why will the Kumawuhemaa?s candidate (Dr Yaw Sarfo) be sworn in within three hours of the court?s decision to throw out the case?
4.? ? ? Is it Kumawu custom, tradition and usage for her paramount chiefs to be sworn in as chief-elect without going through some days? processes? Please read R.S. Rattray?s book on ?Ashanti Law and Constitution? published in 1929 ? it?s section on Kumawu.
5.? ? ? Is it not an act of desperation, fear and panic that has seized Asantehene and Kumawuhemaa if they resort to that 3-hour process?
6.? ? ? If they know that they are never in the wrong about their intentions and how things have run until now, why the intended hasty enthronement of Dr Yaw Sarfo within three hours of the court throwing out the case as they have informed their family and well-wishers?
7.? ? ? Will Kumawuman citizens not be resolved to resist injustice, the oppressors? rule intended to suppress the socio-economic or infrastructural development of the area by this act of collusion, if at all it is possible?

Do they still believe in the court pronouncing ?Atuguba-like? verdict? They would wish!

Kumawuhemaa is in Accra arranging what only God knows. I hope she is not arranging to send down to Kumawu trucks full of soldiers, policemen and macho men as she did sometime last year when she had secretly, but dubiously arranged to enthrone Dr Yaw Sarfo as the Kumawuhene-elect.

I rest my case and will keep all Kumawuman citizens in the loop. I am only reporting the rumour, tactical or truth, as it is ongoing in Kumawu within especially, the Ankaase family. Do not be worried about it. The Just God is in control. Trust in Him to win the case for you, all ye that have been denied your right!

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