Home Entertainment Kwame MulZz Collaborates with Ghanaian Highlife Icons on “Livable”

Kwame MulZz Collaborates with Ghanaian Highlife Icons on “Livable”

Kwame MulZz Features Artist Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee
Kwame MulZz Features Artist Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee

Belgian-based Ghanaian artist Kwame MulZz has dropped his latest album “Europa 2 Kumasi,” which is already making waves in the music scene.

One of the standout tracks from the album is “Livable,” featuring two legendary figures in Ghanaian highlife music: Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee. These esteemed artists bring decades of musical prowess to the collaboration, marking a significant moment for fans of the genre.

Kwame MulZz is renowned for blending traditional Ghanaian sounds with contemporary influences, gaining popularity both locally and internationally. “Europa 2 Kumasi” showcases his journey from Ghana to Belgium, blending diverse musical styles while staying true to his highlife roots. The album’s rapid ascent on the charts underscores Kwame MulZz’s growing influence in the industry.

“Livable” stands out for its infectious melody and profound lyrics, coupled with the historical significance of the collaboration. Pat Thomas, known as the “Golden Voice of Africa,” has shaped the highlife genre for over fifty years with his smooth vocals and timeless style. Edward Buadee, celebrated for his rhythmic mastery, adds depth to the track with his percussion expertise.

The track “Livable” not only pays homage to the rich heritage of Ghanaian music but also introduces highlife to new global audiences. Kwame MulZz’s contemporary approach, combined with the seasoned talents of Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee, creates a nostalgic yet innovative musical experience. The collaboration bridges generations, highlighting highlife’s enduring popularity and its capacity to evolve.

Since its release, “Livable” has garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike, revitalizing interest in the works of Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee for a new generation of listeners. Kwame MulZz’s “Europa 2 Kumasi” celebrates Ghanaian culture through music, blending tradition with innovation to create a timeless musical journey.

As “Europa 2 Kumasi” continues to gain momentum, Kwame MulZz’s contribution to the music industry becomes increasingly evident. His ability to fuse musical eras and styles ensures that his impact will resonate with diverse audiences for years to come.

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