Kwaku Bonsom at the Ariport

All activities at the arrival lounge of the Kotoka International Airport came to a standstill when sensational fetish priest Nana Kweku Bonsam touched down last Monday after spending a little over a year in Bronx, New York.

In his absence, many pastors had used their pulpits to preach sermons about his death at an unnamed New York hospital and asked their members to repent from their evil ways else they would also die like the fetish priest.

Kwaku Bonsam?s presence at the airport was spectacular not only because of reports of his death but the fact the he had a rather large entourage to welcome him and he was dressed in a funky, hip-hop style.

The fetish priest had grown his hair into locks and was in a bright red Puma shirt, a pair of fadeout jean trousers and a pair of bright red Puma footwear to match.

Bonsam ?killed it? with his designer sun shades and a brown synthetic leader jungle bag strapped diagonally on his torso.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam at the Airport

Though dressed in Western style, the fetish priest, on seeing his welcoming team making merry with their traditional drums and songs, went into a frenzied fetish dance right at the arrival lounge.

Bonsam was seen running round in circles and once in a while flying mid-air as part of his dance moves that lasted well over an hour.

Several of his welcoming team members were dressed in white t-shirts branded with his name and photos. They even had a huge banner: ?Welcome Home Nana Kwaku Bonsam?.

The fetish priest, after a year in Bronx, has polished his English and acquired a rather intriguing accent.

He spoke to NEWS-ONE after the wild dance saying: ?Home sweet home. I am happy to be back home though I had to cut short my trip and fly down because of something sad that has happened to me in my home town. One of my great trees has fallen so I had to come home.

?When I was away, I read a lot of things on the internet about my death and all that. I was not surprised. I was not offended. Ghanaians are like that. They love talking?especially the unemployed ones.?

When asked if he would be continuing his work, Bonsam said he would focus on just a few of the things he used to do.

?Bad things are caused by evil spirits. That is what I would be focusing on for now. I would be focusing on removing evil spirits from people. Evil spirits can make you poor even when you are employed. They can make you sad even when you have everything. They can make you never get a job even when you have gone to school. That would be my focus for now,? the fetish priest explained before entering a waiting Escalade and speeding off.

Source: NEWS-ONE


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