KWXD Goes Through A Rollercoaster of Emotions on New Single, ‘Moods.’


In a deeply personal musical journey, KWXD releases his latest single, a song that depicts the internal struggles and triumphs of the human psyche. Titled ‘Moods,’ the song brings listeners in to immerse themselves in a blend of pulsating beats and raw, introspective lyricism.

At its core, ‘Moods’ explores the delicate nature of an individual’s inner conflict, portraying a relentless clash between feelings of self-doubt and aspirations for greatness. KWXD shares, “It’s an internal battle with oneself. Thoughts of feeling unworthy mixed in with thoughts of being a king and someone destined for greatness.”


Contrary to straightforward lyricism, the song aims to evoke diverse emotions unique to each listener. “It’s just a song representing the everyday battle in my head over a dance beat to get you lost in the sound,” he explains, emphasizing the immersive experience crafted within the music.

For KWXD, the creation of this single wasn’t merely about conveying a specific message but rather about invoking personal interpretation and connection. “The words should not have meaning to you but instead, give you your own feeling,” KWXD expresses, inviting audiences to embark on their emotional rollercoaster. “But if you find that the words do resonate with you then enjoy the mood rollercoaster. It’s scary but fun.”

The single is available for streaming and download on all major platforms via this link

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