Since her career began back in the 1980s, Kylie Minogue has seen her fair share of the limelight. She?s been a television soap actress, an award-winning singer/songwriter and has even become an Australian national treasure. Over the years, she?s tried her hand at everything, but it seems she hasn?t got the best reputation when it comes to the silver screen. Although she?s had parts in some truly excellent films (such as ?Moulin Rouge!?) she?s become better known for the series of terrible movies that haunt her otherwise successful career.

Here are some of her ?highlights?:

Street Fighter (1994)

?Get Outta My Way?? Kylie in Street Fighter (Copyright: REX)It?s a well-known fact that video game movies are rarely, if ever, any good. Unfortunately, ?Street Fighter? does very little to break away from this hammy tradition. Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as Colonel William F. Guile ? an over-the-top military type who leads a team of veteran soldiers (including Kylie Minogue as Lieutenant Cammy) to bring down the tyrannical madman, General M. Bison. Sounds good so far, but don?t be fooled ? the plot is all over the place and you get a much more exciting experience by plugging in your Super-Nintendo and playing the game the film was based on. To make matters worse, it was recently revealed that poor-old Kylie had an affair with Van Damme during filming ? you only have to watch the recent Coors Light adverts to see why this was a bad idea. Still, it?s probably not quite as embarrassing as having made this film in the first place.

Bio-Dome (1996)

Often thought of as one of the worst films in history, it?s hard to see why this detestable comedy starring Pauly Shore was ever even made. ?Bio-Dome? follows the bumbling antics of two unbearable friends who are accidentally locked in a biosphere with a group of scientists ? one of whom is played by our lovable Aussie songstress. The characters are obnoxious, the plot is downright terrible, and with more dodgy lines than a Poundland notepad, this eco-friendly comedy is only good for the compost heap.

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Kylie?s most successful film to date, ?Moulin Rouge!? was an instant hit. Following the blossoming romance between an English poet and a beautiful Parisian courtesan, this romantic musical went on to win two Oscars in 2002. Sadly, Kylie?s involvement was little more than a fleeting cameo as Absinthe ? The Green Fairy who flies about while sprinkling pixie dust and singing a line from ?The Sound of Music?. Despite this rather short-lived appearance, she was nominated for Best Cameo at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards.

Cheeky? Kylie in Moulin Rouge! (Copyright: Youtube)

The Magic Roundabout (2005)

Based on one of the classics of British television, ?The Magic Roundabout? re-imagines this psychedelic kids TV show for the big-screen. With an all-star cast including Tom Baker, Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy, you might think Kylie would be an odd addition to this otherwise British ensemble. Unfortunately, you?d be exactly right. Her distinctly Australian accent sounds out of place, with a dull, lifeless quality that only a former soapstar can deliver. While ?The Magic Roundabout? has an interesting and fairly fantastical storyline, it simply fails to capture anything that made the original TV series so much fun.

Holy Motors (2012)

This bizarre, surrealist work-of-art has already been dubbed the craziest film this year. Written and directed by Leos Carax, ?Holy Motors? recounts the peculiar tale of one man?s limo-ride around Paris. I know what you?re thinking ? this doesn?t sound particularly out of the ordinary? and it isn?t. That is, until you realise you?re watching a film that has a deathbed scene with a comedy punch line and Kylie Minogue playing an air-hostess, belting out a song in the middle of a disused department store. In fact, there?s nothing about this film that isn?t a little bit strange.

Holy moly? Kylie in Holy Motors (Copyright: Youtube)

Over the years, Kylie has appeared in some truly awful films and recently admitted that ?most of the films I?ve done were just disastrous.? But despite her long string of incredibly rubbish movies, she remains determined to make her mark on the silver screen. Her latest role in ?Holy Motors? is a refreshing departure from the clich?d and downright cheesy characters that she?s previously portrayed. While it may leave the majority of the audience scratching their heads, could this be the film that finally launches Kylie?s movie career?

She should be so lucky.

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