Lady with Cerebral Palsy appeals to universities to admit her

Lady With Cerebral Palsy Appeals To Universities To Admit Her
Lady With Cerebral Palsy Appeals To Universities To Admit Her

A 26-year-old Ms Nora Nuerkie Dawoo living with cerebral palsy is appealing to Universities in Ghana and abroad to give her a chance to university education.

Ms Dawoo, completed Senior High School (SHS) in 2018 but was failed by the West African Examination Council (WEAC) because of her handwriting.

She said: “My condition cerebral palsy makes it very difficult for me to write and when I do, it is not legible enough for someone to read.”

“When I was writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) an exemption was applied for me by a special education teacher in the school, so, I was given extra time and all the tools I needed to write the exams.
“However, when I was writing the SHS examination, I was registered as a regular student.”

Ms Dawoo told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that she is intelligent and can make it to the university when given the necessary assistance and push, but she had been stranded with her education since 2018.

“I am always at home, I am unable to even go out, but I know I have the potential to succeed, and I do not want my condition to limit me,” she added.

Ms Dawoo said her father died when she was in SHS Form Two, and since then, life has been a bit more tough for her in terms of finances, and called on government, corporate organisations, and philanthropists to support her to make her dream come true.

Madam Lizzy Sowah, mother of Ms Dawoo, said her daughter was a fighter and believes she will succeed given the needed support.

She recalled that during her time in SHS, her classmates use to physically carry her to and from school every day, “her classmates really helped her to improve and gave her great company.”

“Now, she is always in the room crying, she doesn’t even come out and it is not helping her at all,” she added.
Madam Sowah said her daughter was intelligent, she speaks good english, she can type on her phone, and she is able to use the apps on her phone.”

She called on the government and the universities to give her daughter a chance to further her education.

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