Lambussie Parliamentary candidate commends constituents for peaceful registration exercise 

Politics Candidate Commendation
Dr Titus Beyuo

Dr Titus K. Beyuo, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for the Lambussie constituency has commended all individuals who availed themselves for the voter registration exercise. 

He said the commendation was not only a recognition of their commitment but also a testament to their active participation in the democratic processes that will shape the future of the Lambussie Constituency.

In a statement issued on Tuesday and copied the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Dr Beyuo further lauded the unwavering determination and patience exhibited by the registrants throughout the registration process, despite the various challenges they encountered.

He said their resilience demonstrated the true spirit of democracy and civic responsibility, qualities that were integral to the growth and progress of the constituency.
“This momentous achievement could not have been possible without the collective efforts of numerous individuals, and groups who played vital roles in ensuring the success of the voter registration exercise,” the statement said.

Dr Beyuo expressed gratitude to the branch executives of the NDC for their tireless efforts in mobilizing and supporting the registrants.

Others, that he paid tribute to. included the party agents who represented the NDC at the Electoral Commission Office, demonstrating their commitment to fair and transparent electoral processes.

He said the Constituency Executives of the NDC, whose leadership and guidance were instrumental in facilitating the registration process was an indication of their zeal and commitment to help vote out the NPP.

He also commended the hardworking officers of the Electoral Commission at the Lambussie District Office, who diligently carried out their duties to ensure a smooth and efficient registration process.

He said the active participation of constituents in the electoral process is crucial to fostering the growth and progress of Lambussie the Constituency.

“By exercising their right to vote and engaging in the democratic process, constituents can ensure that their voices are heard and that their needs and aspirations are represented in government, ultimately leading to the advancement, and development of their communities and the entire constituency,” it said.

Dr Beyuo advised the Lambussie constituents who vote outside the constituency to make use of the vote transfer period by transferring their votes to Lambussie constituency to actively participate in shaping the leadership and, by extension, the development of the constituency.

He further encouraged all voters who had lost their voter ID cards to take advantage of this occasion to have their cards replaced promptly.

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