Landmark Dates Of Late President Save Gamblers

While many Ghanaians were still mourning, a number of gamblers who staked the?national?weekly lotto with the numbers regarding the date of the death of President John Evans Atta Mills, his burial and his age won various sums of money.
Three numbers associated with the late President; 3, 10 and 68 dropped in the national lotto draw on Saturday.

Some gamblers had previously tried their luck on the day he died, the place he died and his age, as well as the fact that the late President was the third John to rule Ghana in the Fourth Republic but had failed to win.

But those who gambled with the three-day 3 national mourning (3), date of his burial, August 10, and his age, 68, smiled at last when the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) released the?winning numbers?for Saturday, August 11, 2012.

The winning numbers for the 2600 event of the National Weekly Lottery, which have got many lotto fanatics heaping praises on the late President, were 74-33-3-10-68.

Until the numbers were released on Saturday, gamblers had been trying their luck on 10, 37, 21, 7, 8, 33, 24, 3, 68, 19 and 44, on Saturdays but those who gambled their cash on 3, 10 and 68 had the big wins.

By Sunday afternoon, a number of gamblers had already returned their winning tickets to some lotto vendors near the NLA offices to?claim?their share of the windfall.

The explanation behind the numbers were that while 10 represented the day of the month the late President was buried on August 10; 37 was the hospital where he died 21 was the day he was born, and seven was the month he was born in and died.

While three (3) represented the three days he was laid in state at the State House, 33 was the third hour he was buried.

The lotto fanatics also speculated that numbers 24, being the day President Mills died; 68, being his age, and 1944, being the year he was born, would drop in the national weekly draw.

A lotto vendor who spoke to? last week, quite a number of people staked the same number but ?they were swerved?.

?It is those who persisted that have won,? he said.

A winner of GH?4,000 who spoke to?, said ?historical events and dates when they happen and you do permutations, nine out of 10 you will definitely get some wining tickets.?

The winner said he spent GH?20 each to perm his winning numbers, 10 and 68 with 21, 44 and 19 and won massively.

?I feel very happy. I did the permutations hoping to win and luckily, two numbers indicating the age and burial of the late President dropped.?

Not everybody is smiling in the stakes. Mr Dan Adane, a former Photo Editor of the Daily Graphic, is laughing at the wrong side of his mouth as his stars failed to shine.

He was among the people who staked the same numbers last week but changed his mind about staking the same numbers during the weekend only for the numbers to drop on Saturday.

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