Language Teachers Advocate Use Of Local Language As Medium Of Instruction In Basic Schools


By: Robert Ayanful

Ghanaian Language teachers in the country have advocated the use of the local language as a medium of instruction in Basic Schools, particularly at the lower Primary level.

SchoolAccording to them, children learn, communicate and understand easily when they are taught in their native language better than in a foreign language.

The advocacy was made during a 3-Day National Delegates Conference of the Association of Teachers of Ghanaian Language at Ajumako in the Central Region which was on the theme:? Ghanaian Language; Key to Improvement in Ghana?s Educational System, attended by over three hundred teachers of the various Ghanaian languages drawn from all over the country.

Addressing the Conference, the President of the Association, Mr. Issahaku Al-Hassan expressed worry how Ghanaian Language now seemed to be considered as a second class language, even in schools by the country?s educational system, at the altar of a foreign language like English.

This situation he said, has contributed to the fallen standard of education among students, because they do not turn to understand perfectly what they are though in school and during examination.
He further pointed out that it is also appauling when some Ghanaians cannot express themselves in their own native languages, and choose to speak in a foreign language.

According to him, this is even common among some profile political elites who use misrepresented words when expressing themselves in their own language.

Mr. Al-Hassan attributed the situation to the use of English language by some parents with their children as a medium of communication in the home.

He noted that if this continues, there may come a time when many Ghanaians would to lose their culture and identity, because they sacrificed their own language for a foreign language.

The Association has therefore called for a second thought on the country?s educational policy to make the learning and use of Ghanaian languages as a medium of instruction at the lower Primary of the Basic Schools, and also attractive to students.

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