Last Worldwide Challenge towards the Launching of the Book of the Century?

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When a title starts with ‘last’ and ends with a question mark, it means there was likely a challenge before it, you should try to read, and the question mark means there is limited chance of another challenge, an ultimatum. When the title says ‘worldwide challenge’, it precisely means every adult has a task or challenge to fulfil. When a title claims ‘book of the Century’ and ends it with a question mark, it means it will probably outperform every published book within the last century, but will subsequent book or books outperform it? How will it outperform other books? This book will be consumed by over hundred million people, whether through sales, downloading, or otherwise. Well, that may not still set or break a record sales. This book will lead to the freeing of millions of semi-enslaved boys and there is no book in the last century that did that. This book will probably and varyingly uplift over one billion people in happiness and character. So shouldn’t the launching of such a book be launched like no other book launching? You may say a resounding ‘indeed’, or accuse me of just making some unsubstantiated claims, but the word challenge means how we can reasonably verify the claims to warrant unprecedented book launching in the history of humankind. I am ready to be tested by respectable folks , who will eventually testify to warrant inviting world leaders to the Gambia and the event + to be possibly greater than world cup soccer/football finals. Regardless of the type of launching we get, our major targets will be met, lord be willing, and those who failed to take up the challenge will be shamed through this historic record , and/or punished by God. Everyone can at-least share the good news and urge their leaders to verify my claims; some can even pre-purchase one to xyz books to help me print enough books and shoulder the book launching event. The challenge will be outlined with governments, big companies or business folks, and the general public. Arabic was difficult, Arabic is easy or will be easy within months is the confusing sentence of the month, but will be explained towards the end.

Unidentified or under-identified problems: CNN and other western media will show you some children in Ghana or xyz, working in the fishing or xyz industry, and call them ‘modern day slaves’? As horrible as the lives of such kids may seem, millions of African+ boys are going through much worse to learn the Quran for decades and not receiving such attention in western media+ . Whether the world is guilty of indifference or just avoiding to offend questionable muslims, their participation with me towards the solution is vital and the gauge history and God should deal with. The Gambia is the only country that was created to end explicit trans-atlantic slavery, but the Gambia and many countries have continued to support semi-enslaving of mainly boys and the questionable western+ world has supported it because they cannot see how females are indirectly affected? The Gambia’s National Development Plan (NDP) includes the encouraging of the inefficient and cruel traditional Quranic learning, and the western+ world funded that NDP without public rebuke and/or suggestions. Gambia’s and/or African media houses continue to literally encourage this cruel and inefficient system of learning. The good news or irony is God has re-chosen the Gambia and/or a Gambian to end this hardly mentioned ‘modern day slavery’. Most of them do not only learn the hard way for decades, they beg or over work for their often heartless teachers, and sometimes are beaten unnecessarily.

Verification Process: When a poor person like me claims to have a solution to mighty problems, I can understand money worshippers may have doubts, but are they ready to sacrifice a fraction of time and money to test if I am of the truthful? Well, I am pre-selling the book for twenty dollars per book, but I doubt even ten thousand people will buy it without bigwigs testifying through a verification process. However, if ten to hundred respectable folks testify after a verification process, then I can pre-sell up to over one hundred million copies and they can help me attain the unprecedented book launching this book deserves. The first challenge of weeks to months verification still stands, but now we are adding one weekend verification class, as an option. So how many African ministers, rich business folks, their children, ambassadors in SeneGambia are willing to sacrifice one weekend to learn or witness how much faster I can teach reading of the Quran to non-Arabs? If the Ambassadors of u.s, UK, Saudi Arabia, Iran, few Ministers from the Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Youssou Ndure, Muhammed Jah, and others sacrifice one verification weekend, we can mathematically show how my claim of average people will be able to read the whole Quran within three to twelve months, depending on time they may invest. Again, this book is a giant leap for humankind, so it deserves grateful launching and to speed up the effects beyond Muslims. Big nations have spies and diplomats that will appreciate much faster learning of Arabic; every nation have Muslims that largely and varyingly struggle to learn the Quran . Lack of knowledge of the Quran, especially through better teachers, significantly contributes to naivety and being misled by questionable teachers from simple hatred and up to religious terrorism. Since about ninety percent of Muslims are non-Arabs, this book will greatly help about one billion people, and yet to be born ones? I am certain many Arabs will also buy it and help them in different ways… Billions or at least millions of Non-Muslims will read it… My Sister is in the u.s and she says her two boys ‘hate’ going to learn the Quran for years now… This precisely means millions of Children in the u.s, Europe, and beyond ‘hate’ the lot less stressful Quranic learning they are going through. They are going through that stressful routine for years and I can now guarantee them joyful learning of the whole Quran within a year. So it is not just about me rescuing neglected African boys, big launching, or record sales; but if the u.s or xyz Ambassador cannot sacrifice one weekend and attend launching for the sake of efficient and painless approach for American Kids, then which respectable American billionaire , journalist, or xyz is willing to test my claims more than Yahyah jammeh’s Aids cure claimed? Should be bar Journalists before they disclose secrets before the launching?

A big launch will spread the word , save lives and reduce money and time wastage. Everyday, traditional learning students may die or suffer in Senegal, Nigeria, and beyond. Some good and questionable business folks are investing in Arabic leaning Schools, but they should calculate how this book may impact their potential customers.

Summer Launching and Public Testing: Regardless of whether government officials or rich folks see the importance of big book launching; we the ordinary public should make this summer a worldwide Quranic learning summer . This means you can buy a copy or few now as a believer in me, supporting a reputable activist and transformer. Depending on our sales and other factors, we will likely secure a satellite ‘quranic show’ to further help you and it should be worldwide. The book will come with clear instructions, but having me or my top students on TV to help you or your child learn may be helpful. Otherwise, we can use youtube+, but many poor folks cannot afford the internet cost of videos in Africa. This is why I encourage you to pre-purchase , but even more, I encourage you to share the info towards securing a verification session with governments and/or influential people. Then they can also announce it worldwide, so that parents can help their kids make this a Quranic learning summer. I am fairly confident that the best of minds, about ten percent of the public, will be able to read any part of the Quran within the two months of the summer, through me. The fact remains, the average matters over the top ten percent or bottom ten. This is why my claims are broadened to three to twelve months.

Gambia, Senegal, and Nigeria as possible micro examples: Although anyone from any where can pre-purchase the book from now on, we may need a sizable focus unless we win the politicians and/or connected business folks to be on our side. The Gambia is my home country with about eighty five percent Muslims, Senegal and Nigeria have huge problem of sacrificing boys through traditional learning. So we need about two thousand salespeople/teachers from each of the mentioned countries. Although we prefer teachers, anyone with a high school level of education, or higher, can send a resume/CV to +220 3787 999. It should include the languages or dialects you know, village or town you reside, where you plan to spend the summer, etc. Since we are promising the public a high quality book and quality tutors, you may or may not be selected towards other tests. If selected , you will be notified and required to pay about twenty dollars training fee and a test after the training. If over fifty percent pass, then those who fail will be dropped and no refunding of those who fail. If over fifty percent fail, then all will be refunded their fees. Those who pass will be guaranteed one to five hundred dollars, meaning you will make at least one hundred dollars, but may make up to five hundred dollars per month, depending on factors to be detailed in due time. We may further drop some people after the first month, but we may have other part time work for few other months, regardless of where you reside.

Worldwide Sales to individuals and groups: As said, the pre-purchase is presently open worldwide, but we will certainly prefer a deal with top publishers and have pick-up points. A physical Traditional book is vital in a home, work place, or group reciting. So you may contact others and do group purchases. For example, your office or village can jointly purchase to have quicker delivery and possibly other bonuses. You can pre-purchase by sending $20 per book to account number 112-065034-01 ,to Mr. Jarga k. Gigo, of trust bank of the Gambia. You must keep your receipts and send them to whatsapp +220 3787 999 with a preferred delivery address or pick up area. Again, keep sharing the info, then things can get a lot easier for all of us. We will proceed this summer, Lord be willing. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional Note:

Ch.49 differentiates believers versus submitters, so are you a believer in me or a submitter, and by when? Are you ready to purchase directly through me or others have to testify first? Well, the two are not the same level, but the race is a long race. Some may believe in God or me, then later disbelieve or believe lot more with historic bragging records; some submit then later believe more than those who believed first? My inspirer wants to test you, and I have limitations to enforce.

Book Publishing Auction Process: In most auctions, the highest bidder gets the deal, but this bidding process is slightly different. The best contract matters, but the believers may be considered over submitters. First, with the right publisher, I am fairly confident that this book will sell over a hundred million copies within the first year and feel free to write the proposed contract to have different pay rates if the book fails to sell that much. Since it is a probable multi-billion dollar book deal, we do not recommend sending your proposed book deal through the Internet, or you risk the u.s NSA or xyz learn about your offers and outbid you. Best is to discuss your offers with phones away, type on a computer not connected to the internet, and present your sealed envelope physically to me, in the Gambia. We won’t forbid you sending it electronically, but think about our recommendations. First option is to pay nothing, but express interest to attend our verification weekend session, and you will have to come with a proposed contract and an advance payment of your choice, as per the proposed contract. Such a group will be considered as submitters, but you may still get the deal. Second option is to deposit one million dollars as advance payment into my account under the terms that if you do not win the contract, you get back ninety-nine percent ; meaning ten thousand dollars will be retained as processing fee. Third option is to pay a non-refundable fee of twenty thousand dollars into my account and present your proposed contract for possible deal. Both the second and third options are considered as believers and will have slightly higher consideration. Due to the fact that I do not want to read countless proposed contracts, I may close the bidding process after securing ten to twenty proposed contracts. The reason I cannot specifically say it will be closed after twenty proposed contracts is if ten or all first twenty come from the u.s, Nigeria, India, or xyz then the needed diversity could be missing. If bidding is closed, it will be announced and any publisher or agent that sends money at that time will be fully refunded, except the verifiable bank transfer fees, we may incur. The reason this group is getting one hundred percent money back is that their proposed contracts will not be opened or processed, and they may not have gotten the message of the closed bidding process. Of course you can send representatives at the teaching example or verification weekend. Similarly, if you own a TV/Satellite and are interested in hosting our Summer Quranic show or just relaying it, then send your proposed contract to our whatsapp number.

Every fan, we suggest you pre-pay at least for one book as a believer, or do you rather buy as what level of submitter? How many fans will buy only after the verification council confirms my claims are true? Or how many may buy only after millions of ordinary people confirm my way?

Mr. Adama Barrow, Macky Sall, Muhamed Jah, Mustapha Njie, and xyz we suggest you prepay at least twenty thousand dollars each, as a believer, or who should support me print or support the poor access the book? If you wait until after verification or launching, we suggest at least double the amount. If Barrow or xyz prepay for one book and buy a hundred thousand dollars worth after verification, then submitters can grow to be believers? Above all, we demand you write to your counterparts around the world about the book.

Mr. Youssou Ndure, Akon, president Biden, president Obama, and xyz, we suggest you prepay at least one million dollars each, as believer, or pay at least double the amount as submitter, after verification. Or Will each offer two fund raising shows for this book, one for poor Gambians and one for poor Senegalese? Above all, we demand you notify your counterparts around the world about the book.

The Saudi royal family, Dangoteh, and all folks with more than hundred billion dollars wealth, we suggest you donate or prepay at least one billion dollars each, as believers, or double the amount as submitters. Above all, we demand you notify your counterparts around the world about the book.

Saihou Omar Gigo, Amadou Gigo, Assis Gigo, Baba Galleh Jallow, and xyz; we suggest you pre-purchase at least two thousand dollars worth of books, as believer, or double the amount as submitter. A family is not by blood , nor by surface wishes, but by standing on time and repenting the wrongs you did. Or what bragging rights you may claim? Above all, we demand you notify your friends and counterparts around the world about the book.

Gambians and xyz in the Diaspora, we suggest you pre-purchase at least one hundred dollars worth of books as believers, or double the amount as submitters. A great writer deserves support, the poor Gambians deserve the book, and your claims of being ‘great contributors’ in the development of the Gambia/Africa is questionable. Beside your direct family, close friends and to oust Yahyah Jammeh or xyz for your interest, how rarely do you help in finance , preventive health, or character? Above all, we demand you notify your friends and counterparts around the world, about the book.

Christians+ versus Muslims on supporting knowledge and Knowledgeable people: Although the Quran did chastised hypocritical Christians+, which many Imams love to quote without understanding those verses include hypocritical Muslims; the Quran praised the Christians as ‘lovers of Knowledge’ and we should deeply reflect on that and reasonably compete on that. A lover of knowledge is known through how much time and money you willingly (not resortly) contribute towards earning knowledge and supporting knowledgeable folks, as believers or submitters? All humans are related, but Blacks and Arabs are very closely related, even in our average questionable ways. Despite the questionable claim that Muhammad (pbuh) was highly respected by early Muslims, the evidence remains they barely supported him financially+. What percentage of his life was he financially poor, even after prophethood? There is even a verse that says, ‘when you visit the messenger, give charity…’ The Angels wrote it that way because they were taking his consultation time directly without support, and ignoring how he have to pray or think a big percentage of the day and night to continue to get the very verses they consume and seemingly appreciated in fear rather than love? How many universities each race/nation/religion erected by when, how diversely beyond religion they research, how average people willingly supported varies… When I claimed I am inspired to end food shortage worldwide, the bad folks in the western world fought me and the Blacks+ doubted me… Similarly, when I claimed we can make much cheaper personalized aircrafts within five years. These achievable ‘futuristic’ ideas require money I cannot afford and are not in the financial interest of westerners, so their bad ones fought me, and rich blacks and Arabs doubted me or cannot understand the importance of supporting or collaborating with best minds? Should we have a research and development fund and competition on faster Quranic teaching methods than reciting competition? When I repeatedly claimed I can teach the Quran much faster, but requires help in finance or service collaboration, not even my family members financially helped and probably doubted. God gives gradual help, gave me more help, and still helping in different ways. The possibilities are endless, including if God wanted me to write alone rather than the group approach I wanted, after teaching them the secrets and system. However, the main question is how people, especially Blacks and Arabs, keep failing to support knowledge and knowledgeable people until they vividly achieve? Now my claims are much more bold, and God will most probably prove me right within months, with or without much black or Arab support. How much money will the Average blacks+ spend on praise singers, questionable marabouts, ceremonies, etc within these two months over my book as example? If they find excuses about me, how much do they spend on research and development, or new products or services of R&D? Again, know the difference between believers and submitters, and woe onto those who refuse reasonable ‘gamble’ towards earning knowledge or supporting knowledgeable people who will probably benefit them. Even sharing knowledge seems lot less among at least average blacks… What percentage of each race/region social media posts are pictures for praises versus old knowledge, current knowledge, and futuristic knowledge? The best of Blacks and Arabs do not have to feel ashamed, but our average people, average companies, and average governments are extremely poor on supporting new knowledge, R&D, and rising knowledgeable people. May God change as many as possible, and our children to be better in character.

Optional note 2:

Beside the believers and submitters; there are the groups called the hypocrites and disbelievers; and they share varying levels of doubts because they do not think between the lines and assume others are prostitute minded like them. Some say until they see God plainly, some say until they see how my students perform? Do they think I want to collect few thousands or millions for few weeks and go to jail? If I do not give you your book or my claims are not met, I will be sued. Have they pondered how mass pre-purchase of the book will pressure the government officials or top business folks to accept the verification process ? Or what is stopping them from asking the mentioned bigwigs to take up the challenge? I can hear the voice of the arrogant doubter saying, ‘who he thinks he is, pre-purchasing a book like pre-purchasing a concert ticket of Youssou Ndure, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, upcoming I-phone, going to Touba, Mecca, Madina Quhnahs, etc? Well this book is poised to make a bigger difference in the world than the mentioned.

I can hear the possibly doubting voice of Adama Barrow, Macky Sall or xyz saying: Should we take up the challenge or find excuses and if he succeeds, we tax him and apologize, or worse think he will happily meet us? If you cannot do good now, then may be your prostitute minds will submit if I cite the potential monies you may make. How much money is one verification weekend or two weeks going to cost you, or are you forbidden to invest on research and development, or the verification of my R&D gift from God? How many of your ministers and their children can read the whole Quran? One of the Gambian ministers was more excited than my blood brothers when I spoke to him about it; he said ‘not just for the children, but he and many adults will appreciate such speed. It does not have to be a government funded event. By simply announcing/writing to your ministers, permanent secretaries, Ambassadors, or xyz that: There is a ‘special bigger than diamond and oil’ reportedly discovered in the Gambia, who want to join the one weekend verification process for self and/or their children who do not know the quran? We can choose from average chapters like ch.31, 56, 57, 58, 45, 36, etc. By choosing about three chapters within two days, we can calculate and affirm my claims are factual. Remember the first day will likely be about rules explaining and priming, so it is essentially three average chapters in one day; and they can vote and/or present pre-purchase checks? If the top Saudis refuse to attend or to even send their Ambassadors, then the presented checks/cheques of others will subdue them?

I can hear the possibly doubting voice of Youssou Ndure saying, if he was White, Arab, my friend Saihou Omar Gigo, or someone from Toubah then I can sacrifice one whole weekend to learn or verify? Or will ‘stingy’ or xyz Youssou say why does he want to take at least one million dollars from me? Hello Youssou! I am not taking one or two millions for self, but to help the poor Senegambians+ you took lot more from. By the way, you and others can resell or give away those books directly , or let me distribute it with evidence. If you truly want to help the countless roaming boys in Senegal, then make the efforts and God may reward you beyond money. Two shows to free semi-slaves is not too much to ask. I expect you to do more and invite others to this historic launching, or at least historic book.

I can hear the possibly doubting voice of Muhamed Jah, Taf Njie, or xyz saying: Does he just want to waste our time, take our money, or to sincerely help beyond expectations? You may or may not have worked hard for your money. If you have the right to doubt me, then remember your right or responsibility to challenge me. Is one weekend too much or do you want to send your children or trustees for verification? Call each other and set a weekend, preferably next weekend towards the end of May or mid june . Remember your testimonies can convince both the doubting authorities and doubting public. Remember, I am not ready to delay the publishing time and people need time to prepare and come. It will be Quranic Summer with or without you, Lord be willing.

I can hear the possibly doubting voice of Gambians plus in the Diaspora. Well, you do not want to pay directly to me through claims, then how about you collect two hundred dollars from each and send enough representatives to this mighty challenge, similar to prophet Moses (pbuh) and the Magicians of Pharaoh contested? If the voters vote I am of the truthful and ready to transform the world or at least how people learn the Quran, then present me my checks or cash under camera. The book will certainly be historic, but I also want the launching to be historic. How many of you in the Diaspora will promote the launching to at least a thousand people and how will that possibly affect our tourism? Will you march in front of the white house and ask Biden to support or arrest me?

I can hear the possibly doubting voice of Saudi Royals, saying: We spend on Quranic recitation competitions, but how high or low Gambians perform? Will God bless a black man to help the non-Arabs learn Arabic/Quran in a better and faster way than we born Arabs? Is he Moses, Adam, Bilal, Jesus, Muhammad, Luqman, or xyz resurrected/reincarnated? Why he charges our family one billion dollars, less than one percent of our wealth just to help people learn the Quran from someone who will emphasize conscience and ch.103 is the essence of the Quran? Should we even attend or pledge twenty billion dollars if he is among the truthful and verified? Rather than doubt, shouldn’t you pray that it be truthful and quickly call for the verification weekend, so that people can prepare for the historic launching?

Optional Note 3.

Adama Barrow, macky Sall, and others have committed the crimes of encouraging bad culture or ways of learning. I have publicly lamented about it and our Kind God has responded by educating me to educate others. So part of the mentioned amounts was supposed to be fractional restitution, but because God is kind or your heart/mind may arrogantly resist. We offer it to you as books. So do not act arrogantly on the launching if you finally accept. I did more than you guys and most of the work is done by God than me. Although my parents may be better than many parents, do not credit it to them, because they may have chosen themselves or others of their children than me. Do not even praise me, just acknowledge, because this simply is a mighty gift than human work. Let us thank God and keep praying, because he has blessed me with lot of futuristic knowledge that can be realized within months. I think we should contact all governments towards purchasing this mighty book, that will lay the foundation. The subsequent books are not necessarily religious. For example, our African languages can be written in much better universal ways. If we highly succeed on the first book, I will move to the top three SeneGambian languages within three months and it will be convincing enough for the rest of Africa to choose my blessed way. The Lord of languages+ have revealed so many secrets to me and we should just pray he continue to bless me and those with me. Big change is coming and I am lot more truthful than Obama, if blessed, I deliver without fear.

The when, why, and how aspects of believing matters. If folks like Youssou read up to here and still refuse to admit from the heart/mindset, then will possible personal uplifting win such? Youssou Ndure make or lose money through his religious TV channel? If I help youssou Ndure fluently read Arabic within weeks, we can actually have an Arabic+ Album of Youssou with me, Akon, or xyz at the launching. I can significantly help on that. It can be so good to affect millions in character and even out-sell every single album of Youssou. God may have musically helped Youssou before me, but my new blessings are bigger and can extend to others in ways they may have never imagined. So even if Youssou, Akon, or xyz comes with two million dollars, we will appreciate it, but let them hope and try thereafter….

Muhammed Jah owns QTV and they sometimes mislead the people through questionable hadiths. I once heard there, something like: ‘A person who memorizes the Quran will help seventy family members enter Jannah’. Those who truly read and understand the Quran will never say such. Like prayers, the Quran is a favor from God, so we should not brag or expect endless pay for self or others. Such claims make people sacrifice a boy to illusorily save female family members? The Quran teaches us ‘God allows whom he wills into his Jannah’ and even prophets cannot help their wives, children, or family members. The Quran teaches us ‘purifying conscience’ leads to success. So if over fifty percent of Gambians knew the Quran well, they would have rebuked such sayings in the spirit of ch.103. They will try to be conscientious more than trying to memorize the Quran or banking on a family member to enter Jannah. This is part of the reason I am striving for over seventy percent to know the Quran within a year. Luckily, Gambians largely love the Quran, but lacked great teachers and/or the determination to learn… Still, God has blessed me with what I am fairly certain will help even non-literate Gambians to learn the Quran in much shorter periods, and towards 100% literacy, like Cuba. Some of my poor sisters seem more excited about it than my rich brothers, and many poor folks in SeneGambia are sincerely excited when I tell them the good news. If we work together closely, we will wow the world and then the replication around the world will be smoother. Muhammed Jah of qcell , Africel, and how many of their counterparts around the world make how much money selling ‘quranic call wait tunes’, ‘names of Allah’, religious fun ring, prayer notification texts, etc, is it not fair to help them know what those words mean and beyond? If Muhammed Jah, Youssou Ndure, or xyz refuse to even participate in the verification weekend, and after we rise to success, why should we allow QTV, TFM, or xyz to be the main host of our worldwide Quranic Show with the book? If they greedily offer bad contracts, why should we waste time on negotiation? The purpose is way beyond money, but it is only fair to share the proceeds through the spirit of conscience and reciprocal law, not just contracts.

The Gambians in the Diaspora tend to have big mouths like average or worse Senegalese . Some of them hate me so much, but God has chosen me above their adored marabouts of Senegal, Gambia, and beyond. Who in Toubah, Kaolack, Tivaone, Madinah Quhnahs, Sokone, Mecca, etc can claim my claims and may I deliver beyond expectations. I am not claiming to be better than them, but I am chosen to do the touch-down or score the most beautiful goal? All praises are due to the Lord of the universe, who empowers me for good and may he bless me lot more. Many of you spend how much on questionable marabouts and annual events within SeneGambia? How much money you spent on clothes versus books for your Gambian families? How much will you spend on hajj or hajj donation versus this book or other learning opportunities? There are books you must buy, because the schools demand it, and you believe/submit in schools for money rather than knowledge+? There are books you buy by choice or resort choice. The Lord of the Quran loves me or why shouldn’t I proclaim the biggest leap for Muslims and humankind, since Muhammad (pbuh), is coming through me? I have many projects you failed to push with me and this Quran can still be highly successful with or without you folks. So I will appreciate your participation, but never over brag in my presence. You will eventually buy for your kids in the west, but will you tell the Nigerian or Indonisian+ about the good news and by when? Will you help buy for the Gambian orphans to self deliver or ask me to deliver under camera as evidence?

The Saud Family of Saudi Arabia are perhaps the richest family in the world. God has indeed bless you financially, but how is your character? God knows it more than me and what the media claims. If you cannot see why you should help ‘the poor children of the world in the dust’ learn Quran faster, then will you submit if I show how many billions you may possibly make through me? Yes! I am the type who will tell you Hajj is not among the ‘pillars of Islam’ to the best of my knowledge, but I admit it is among the good deeds, so I will recommend it. Since millions may enter Islam through me, they may perform hajj and you collect how much. The pillars of Islam are not known through your so-called authentic hadiths, but through conscience and the Quran. The conscience part can be hotly debated, but ch.103 clearly shows performing your so called pillars may still have you among the loss, or how many in saudi+ perform or respect other good deeds outside middle east origin, ‘exhort each other to truth, and exhort each other to patience’? It is not about memorizing that chapter or the quran, but performing the best of it. Ch.103 is a checklist we must deeply study and respect. Think of it as four houses with ‘pillars’ for each house. By the way, what is a house with pillars but no beams, foundation, or roof? Until you agree it all revolves around conscience, then try reading ch.91 and ch.103 many times a day. Of course, I do not mean blind reading, but deep and humble reflections on the favored hints. It is time to repent or something terrible may befall you. If it was all about money, I would have reserved criticisms, and be flattering you that you are helping many around the world, but all helps are not equal. And Allah can bless me lot more, with or without you. You are trying to get secular tourism and I will be taking the Arabic language to a complete new level. Many People will learn and at least understand Arabic within six months. Some will do so to spy on you, but others to visit, watch movies, etc. So I am a huge rising favor to you, whether or not you accept it.

Saihou Omar Gigo is either grossly mistaken or cruel. He does not understand the magnitude of the gift bestowed upon his blood brother , the Gambia, the world, and happens to be an unofficial advisor to the president? His official advisors may be worse than my brother. Advisors with only so called ‘experience’ without meaningful achievements; advisors who doubt, doubt, doubt, and lack systematic verification processes; advisors who cannot scout the best minds in every field even in tiny Gambia… Low thinkers and bad advisors can be an extra burden to low thinking leaders like Adama Barrow. Life have to be seen as routes and each route has limitations and potentials. If I come with a billion dollar book or idea, the route taken will determine if it raises multi-billions or just few millions. When I wrote the first challenge, I asked him to read and forward it to the president and first lady. He seemingly did neither and after few days, I had to ask him, and only to be told, ‘ok, when the book is ready, we go present it to the president’. I am not interested in presenting the book to even President Biden or the King of Saudi, I want a spectacular presentation of the book to the world. To achieve that target, I want president Barrow and/or xyz to understand this is no ordinary book, we will save the Gambia+ government millions and crucial time of the kids, teachers, and beyond. I have the potentials to become the first Gambian Billionaire and bring billions to the country, since governments understand mainly money. If he or others belittles such an opportunity then how many opportunities he or someone may belittle with ill advice? He does not understand the importance of the low-level or private verification, then call for big launching, help people learn faster and introduce the book in schools around the world. In his simplistic mind, approach, or route, he told me ‘copyright exists and I can sue culprits’. Beside missing the deserving big launch, does he understand how stealing copyright material works? If I do not secure a big publishing company, some Christians, atheists, or xyz criminals will print it there to sell, and do I have time to sue low level criminals? The other type of criminals include downloading, but also those who will make minor changes and sell it in a different name as better or slightly lower quality. His suggested route is not best for me, the nation, and the world-record Islam may hold through my route. With all his riches compare to me, he did not offer to help even with the printing cost of a book that will help him and his own children? Whether or not he pre-purchases the suggested number of books, it is clearly evident that God can make me richer than him, Youssou Ndure, Muhammed Jah, Adama Barrow and the best authors+ he values. Was he and others made blind, for me to write a new challenge will be known in how they repent or resist with excuses. Assis Gigo and Baba Galleh Jallow are guilty of trying to censor me and failing to repent. A sincere repentance must go up to vowing to be on the anti-censorship team, meaning not to support censorship of even others. I avoided naming Assis in my anti-censorship article because I thought he would have repented and apologized, but if he still thinks I am wrong, we can debate it in public. They claim Assis is kind, but these months I want him to give my book as charity. By the way, Assis suggested I write a book and God responded by me writing a better book than Assis and I imagined…? Similarly is Dr. Baba Galleh Jallow, he belittled me in public writing, I fought back and he led or supported my censoring/ousting on Gambia L and Gambia post. Worthless Gambians support censorship+ at home+ until God gave them Censoring Yahya Jammeh, then they run to the u.s+ and still censor others online? Amadou Gigo is guilty of other crimes, but the imposition is mainly to test him. If he is rich, spends how much on some of his own kids to learn Quran, would have significantly supported Tivaone claimant, may send some to Mecca, so let him pre-purchase books for the orphans and poor beyond the family. Or do you think they deserve invitation to the launching if they fail to accept a verification test/challenge?

Optional note 4:

The book is about 99.8 straight Quran, meaning you will not have any interpretation to avoid controversy. There will be a forward, introduction, detailed explanation of reading rules. One part will be clear modern English translation, and the other part will be super-clear simplified Arabic in a virtually new Language using the Latin Alphabets. Although it may seem as another ‘Transliteration’, but this is no ordinary transliteration. I have read countless transliterations of the Quran, but this is significantly different and that is partly why I guarantee it as within three to twelve months mastery. Although it has English leaning, I was inspired to consider many other languages. French, Portuguese, Spanish, and even non-literate Africans can learn the English alphabet (ABC), learn our rules, and outperform some native English speakers for days, weeks, or months. We are using a ‘new’ universal language or approach. Plus very limited consistent rules and techniques, techniques, techniques. . Beside the ability to read and understand oral Arabic, I will be writing another book for those who want to proceed to learn traditionally leaning Arabic. They can easily transition to such through my way, within three to six months… Depending on the publishing deal I secure, I am willing to offer about 50% money back guarantee to any unsatisfied customer within the first one million customers; and that possible cost can be taken from my personal dues.

Proposed letter example:

Dear Biden, Macron, Saudi king, Xi, Erdogan, Orange CEO, Glow CEO, BBC, or xyz,

I am happy to invite you to the launching of the ‘book of the Century’ on a date to be announced, but prepare around July second, 2023. Since the claim is mighty, you are equally invited to the verification session. A largely truthful writer claims to have a Simplified Arabic and Quran that will help countless people read and/or understand Arabic/Quran within months. Considering how countless Muslims, including kids in your country suffer to learn the Quran in Arabic, we have agreed to test him and possibly support a historic launching of a book that may help billions. His nephews… Even from a Secular perspective, our world diplomats and many others will benefit. As such, your country is chosen among the selected diverse representatives to testify for or against him. If he happens to fail in our opinion, how shameful will it be if our eight year olds pass come summer time? So we will then allow him low or medium launching, plus three to six months to sell to the public and if his claims are not met, we will charge him and let the judiciary teach him a lesson. If he succeeds, will each country give him a bonus check, or at least attend the launching?

I can hear the possibly doubting voice of Adama Barrow , Macky Sall, or xyz. Is this guy trying to be the first president of SeneGambia or xyz? He wants a book launching that is bigger than our inauguration ceremonies, and his book to impact lives than our presidencies? If we were ‘slightly brave’ like the coward Yahyah Jammeh, we can invite world leaders like that. No sitting U.S president, ex president, or xyz ever visited the Gambia, and he wants Barrack Obama, Biden, or which high ranking official to admit the boys were/are neglected invited guests, but they honor questionable Obama with ‘Taranga, taranga, taranga’ as guest masters; only for him to say he pities the adult LGBTQ of Senegal and beyond, not the suffering boys to learn Quran? Ms. Obama says, ‘bring back our [about 200] girls’, but what is her stand on my book or the millions of neglected boys who may capture more girls unless rescued? So a French president can Invite naïve Barrow without mentioning the purpose, but Barrow cannot invite a French president to the Launching of a Book that will help millions of French Muslim+ citizens? Or will they say it should be launched in Senegal or xyz, that the Gambia is more dangerous than Ukraine? Well, the Islam hating ex prime minister Harper of Canada went to a Mosque opening in Calgary and chastised the muslims on religious tolerance; so should Prime minister Trudeau come to recommend the book for Canadian+ kids? Should we invite Trump and Yahya jammeh, or will one or both have a heart attack over the book or book launching? Although I have preference, shame on Barrow and bye-bye to the Gambia if they choose to reject me. ‘I may dust off my shoes’, where need be, as the Beloved Jesus Christ said. Although many Christian leaders sexually molest children, where are the good Christians who will sponsor these neglected children with a book or beyond? Obama, Jefferson, and how many fairly good christians read weakly translated Quran and may ignore the would be talked about one or buy more than many Muslims? If we prove ourselves, parents will desist from sending their children to such schools . And we can further pressure governments to ban such schools, DNA test kids, and charge negligent parents+ where need be.

Should we invite the Pope and xyz to have a Church-Mosque service? Should we invite the big Marabouts of Senegal+ and risk some questionable claims? Will they say their prayers made it happen, that After God refused to give it to their kids or other Senegalese, they prayed for the Gambia to get the blessings and the world to compete to get more than some Gambians? Will they say prayer is so great, that you can ignore other essential good deeds, and the rest of Ch.103, conscience with other faiths or animals, etc? Will they say it was all predestined, that they may or may not support on time, may bad mouth and if I fire back with nuclear words is not predestined? Will they claim my Grandparents were Senegalese and came to the Gambia after seeing a vision or knowing English may help me? The when, when, when and the how, how, how matter, not just what and why. God owns every where…

Sponsorships of books can varyingly come, but consider pre-purchasing this book, because I may do something special for such. It could be a free next book, refund you, or something God may reveal. We should never wait on westerners , Arabs, Diasporans, or even governments to proceed on many good things. If the EU or Saudi royals wants to buy for every Muslim, I will not stop them; but my suggestion would have been to pay a percentage towards five dollars or xyz a book, depending on the poverty level of eac country or region. Then the rest of their money can go to other things I do not want to discuss now.

There was a promise in the beginning. When I tell even Muslims, that Arabic is easy, they look at me as ‘are you out of your freaking mind’? Perhaps I should have said: Arabic was difficult, Arabic is easy or will be easy within months. Indeed Arabic was difficult to most non-Arabs for centuries, but largely due to the wrong door or window they used, but the right door is being opened… My very self, I once considered it so difficult that I once verifiably wrote on facebook: ‘After God allows us into heaven, we should march to God and say Arabic was very difficult, don’t you think you should add a bonus for us? So indeed I was in your shoes, but believe me, God has certainly made what was difficult, easy. He heard our complaint and he kindly responded while on earth, so do not be among those who doubt the rising favors of the Lord. It is also an unquestionably beautiful language, at least the Quranic part, but varyingly exaggerated as a language. Like places, languages tend to have advantages and disadvantages, and Arabic is no exception. Languages have secrets God can directly reveal to whom he wills, the secrets of the Arab+ language are being revealed to me. One of its seeming weaknesses happens to be a blessing for some non-Arabs who want to learn Arabic , some of which I will explain in the forward or xyz of the upcoming book.

So send your twenty dollars, publishing advance payment, or any monies to Jarga k. Gigo, Trust bank of the Gambia, west africa, Account number: 112-065034-01 And send that receipt to whatsapp +220 3787 999. Together with your address details for book delivery or pick up centers will be identified. Same numbers for interested publishers, literary agents, owners of TV/Satellite, for our summer Quranic Show. Companies who may want to advertise/sponsor the show+ can also contact me.

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