Lava Phones
Lava Phones

After the highly successful launch and entry of Indian giant phone, Lava Mobile, onto the Ghanaian market in the last few weeks, the Indian mobile phone company has announced a pleasant surprise to its customers in Ghana.

A statement issued by Lava and copied to the Ghana News Agency said the deal was borne out of a collaboration with ‘i2’ – prime dealers of Mobile phone accessories – which had agreed to grant a two-year warranty on all of its mobile phones.

It said the company was the main distributor of Lava phones in the Ghanaian market.

Throwing more light on the deal, Mr Vikram Parmar, Chief Executive Officer of Lava Technology in Egypt and Africa, said: “Currently, consumers pay huge amounts of money to repair their phones, especially after one year of the age of their devices in addition to the failures that appear in these devices because of lack of spare parts and service centres.

Lava launched this service to demonstrate our strong confidence in our product, on the one hand, and to assure the consumer of the quality of Lava products on the other, he said.

This will help our partners achieve the highest market share in a short period of time,” Mr Parmar added.

He said since its inception in 2009, Lava had invested continuously in developing its ability to produce high quality products.

Mr Parmar said Lava had its own design centres as well as research and development centre in India, which allows it to produce powerful mechanical designs and the use of reliable software.

“The presence of this powerful infrastructure, combined with our vision to provide consumers with trouble-free products, inspires us to launch a unique showcase for all our customers,” he said.

On his part, Mr Nabil Al Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer, of ‘i2’ said: “I think two years warranty launch service offer is a fantastic idea. This offer pitches Lava’s warranty offering against big companies in Ghana”.

“A two-year warranty offer also sends a strong message to consumers that Lava believes in the quality of its products and this will go a long way to build strong confidence among consumers and channel partners,” he stated.

He said that Lava mobile had come to stay and a brand that had a bright future in Ghana.

Mr Kelvin Sarpong, Sales Director, of ‘i2’ also said: “The post-launch response to Lava phones by channel partners was great. A 100 POS coverage was achieved in the first month of launch.”
“A feat, we as distributors, could not achieve even with a bigger brand. The belief that the products are of superior quality is unquestionable by all standards for partners and consumers who have purchased and used Lava mobile devices.”

Mr Sarpong was of the view that the key to Lava’s success on building on the initial gains made, would be the execution of aggressive marketing programs to create a pull effect in the market.

“The mobile phone has become an integral part of human life and in this changing economic climate, people need more credibility, durability and the ability to keep their devices,” he said.
He said Lava mobile products were now available through 100 outlets in the first few weeks of the launch and that they got the acceptance that was reflected in Lava’s sales.

“What distinguishes Lava Mobile from other brands is that our phones are reliable and of high quality and are available at reasonable prices.

“We will provide the best in-class retail experience for our retail clients as well as the after-sales service required and therefore we are keen on all customer contact points,” Mr Sarpong said.

“Lava is currently on its journey to expand across the African continent. We have successfully launched in Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, and we firmly believe in creating long-term value for our customers by providing reliable and affordable phones with after sales service,” he added.

He said that one of the core critical values was enabling people to be able to do more with their smartphones.



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