Lawyer Eric Delanyo Alifo Thinks the Supreme Court and Others are Acting Funny

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Following the last contempt proceedings in the Supreme Court against Dr. Ayine, and the issuing of a warning by the Judicial Service through lawyer Thaddeus Sory to the media to delete from their platforms, certain press materials about the Justices hearing the election petition, there are increasing voices of citizens including lawyers, who are expressing outrage about the development.

Lawyer Delanyo Alifo is the latest to add his voice, on the issues.

He is worried for our democracy about a proceeding in the highest Court of the land, which has the effect to restrict free speech and intimidate citizens unnecessarily from talking about the courts. Lawyer Alifo is equally worried about what appears to him by censorship of the press by the Court through the Judicial Service. He also criticizes the overzealousness of the police in running to court to obtain dubious court orders to stop citizens from demonstrating, which he thinks is an important right of citizens, and an important tool for resistance in a democracy.



First the Supreme Court is forewarning us that anytime anyone makes a statement about the Court, which the Justices feel has scandalized the Court, it does not matter that they (the Justices) may be too, or even hyper-sensitive, the person who has made the statement shall be hauled to the Court for contempt, and the charge, though may appear seemingly contestable, shall be completely irrefutable.

The only reasonable thing for the author of the statement to do to avoid going to jail, or having a hefty fine imposed on him, or both, is for the person to virtually go on his knees in front of the Justices and beg them like a little child pleading for survival from a molestor, or the person must behave like a servant begging a master to spare him a sack, which shall deprive him of livelihood. In fact, this proceeding in the Supreme Court is so totalitarian, outrageous, and a complete eyesore.

There is no way you can argue with the Justices to change their minds. You will infuriate them even more if you try to justify your statement, or even explain anything to them other than telling them that: “Your Lordships, I was STUPID. Incredible!

Then next, a lawyer writes on behalf of the Judicial Service, warning Media Organizations to delete all……

hateful, spiteful, vengeful and incendiary comments about the Justices of the Supreme Court hearing the election petition from their platforms, … and prevent their further publication forthwith, and they must exercise the highest level of discernment, discretion and responsibility insofar as the publication of statements and speeches regarding the administration of justice is concerned.” (Emphasis mine)

I am very surprised that some lawyers are allowing themselves to be used in this way, and for this kind of things.

Already in this country, in this era, the police are too quick in running to the courts on ex parte applications to obtain court orders to stop demonstrations of citizens, and the courts are too excited to grant these unexplainable orders to wickedly curtail such an important right of citizens, and a great tool for resistance and protestation in a democracy.

And all the rest of us are pretending to be in a democracy and enjoying freedom of speech under PRESIDENT NANA AKUFO ADDO. Tweaaa, we have a long way to go. Our plight is pathetic.

Please read again my article on the Tyranny of the Courts.

Eric Delanyo Alifo

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