Lawyer Obiri Boahen sues Newmont for trespassing, destruction of properties

Newmont Africa
Newmont Africa

Nana Obiri Boahen, a renowned private legal practitioner has filed a writ at the Sunyani High Court against the Newmont Ahafo North Project, for causing extensive damages to his farm land and other properties running into millions of Ghana cedis.

He is therefore seeking an order from the court to compel the mining giant to pay him adequate compensation for the destruction of food crops, farmlands and other properties.

An accompanying affidavit filed by the “Enso Nyame Ye Chambers”, a Sunyani-based legal firm and counsel, is further praying the court to award general damages to the plaintiff for “trespass, inconvenience and trauma”.

A copy of the affidavit, made available to the media in Sunyani on Wednesday, explained the plaintiff had acquired the land situated at Tomesereso along the Tanoso-Afrisipa portion of the Sunyani-Kumasi highway and another tract of land at Tanoso somewhere 1996.

Subsequently, the plaintiff cultivated teak trees in a straight line to demonstrate his effective occupation and possession of his land, and further put up a cottage which has been in existence for almost 20 years.

“In and around 2021, publication was made in a national newspaper that the government of Ghana was extending the frontiers of the road leading up from Tanoso to Techire through Afrisipa.

The plaintiff, in response to the said publication, caused a recognized surveyor to undertake the surveying exercise and the map was duly submitted to the Lands Commission both the Bono and the Ahafo Regions”, it stated.

It explained about a couple of weeks ago, the Newmont Ahafo North project caused “her agents to clear sizable portions of the land without the knowledge, consent and concurrence of the plaintiff.

“The market value of the properties destroyed by the agents of the Newmont runs into millions of Ghana cedis”, the affidavit indicated.

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