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Lawyers, Legal brains and Journalists in the NDC must sit up


I woke up on Monday, turned my radio on and heard some NDC Lawyers fighting with some NPP lawyers over a disqualified candidate the NPP is bringing to contest the parliamentary seat at Assin North.

So, NDC didn’t have any means to stop that guy if indeed we have the evidence that he is disqualified? Meanwhile, NDC has bigger issues to deal with. For example:

During the Kumawu by-election, we saw on tape an EC official who had “forced” the party’s representatives to sign the pink sheet even before the election got started. That EC official is still at post and our lawyers see nothing wrong with that? Was what the EC official did legal?

As we kept quiet, wasn’t it the reason why Nana Addo appointed Dr. Bossman as an EC commissioner? Nana Addo has again appointed Dr. Appiahene as a commissioner at the EC and we are looking on and just talking.
When Nana Addo in 2017, appointed the Ashanti Regional Coordinator and his own party members didn’t like him, did he stay even one hour in the office?

The Supreme Court has made it very clear that the President unconstitutionally removed Mr Daniel Domelevo from office. It means the President has broken the law. What happens if a citizen breaks the law? Why are our legal brains quiet on this issue? We may not get the two thirds majority in parliament but that will get him in our history books as the first President to be impeached.

Then came the video of our ambulance being sold in Dubai. Since that video came out, I have not heard or seen any NDC radio or TV station seriously discussing how it happened. We have left the discussion of the video in the hands of Kofi Adoma and the NPP, and they are misinforming the public. Where are our journalists?

Why have our journalists left the Ghana Ambulance Services off the hook? Have we just accepted the defense they put forward?

Legally, we have given too much room for Nana Addo to operate and that is why he is messing things up. If we don’t sit up and challenge the status quo but allow these criminals to run the show, 2024 will come and the NPP will use illegal but smart ways to break the 8. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Mahama reba

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