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Leading Fish Farmer Advocates for Enhanced Production Mechanisms

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Ms. Joyce Soronzo Salia, the owner of Farm Life and the Bono Region best fish farmer for 2023, is advocating the implementation of advanced technologies in the fishing sector to enhance production.

She emphasized the importance of staying abreast with the latest technological advancements in the fish farming sector, saying educating farmers on new technologies would be instrumental in expanding production.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Yawhima near Sunyani, Ms Salia noted that, by embracing the advancements, fish farmers could increase yields and contribute to the growth and sustainability of the industry.

Reflecting on her recent award, Ms Salia shared her elation at being recognized for her hard work and efforts, adding that such acknowledgements would positively impact on her business reputation.

Regarding the fish farming industry, she highlighted its potential for profitability and fulfilment, saying success in this field requires more than just a desire for money and asked his fellow farmers   to have a genuine passion for the work, as those who entered solely for financial gain easily gave up with the little challenge.

Ms. Salia mentioned various challenges of fish farmers in the industry, including difficulties in accessing labour for farm assistance, the excessive cost of feed which has become an issue for many farmers and marketing of their produce after harvest.

She said the current challenges in the sector may deter new entrants and newcomers could be discouraged by the numerous obstacles they are likely to encounter.

Ms. Salia therefore urged those considering entering the industry to have a strong passion for the work to help them persevere in the face of adversity, even when financial rewards may be limited.

She acknowledged that there may be moments of discouragement and setbacks, but with deep passion for the work, individuals could overcome those challenges and continue moving forward.

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