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Leave Kwesi Pratt Alone, No Doubt He Is Belly Full


With my background in Allied Health, here is a very important health tip for you, my dear lovely admirers who have been reading my write-ups over the years.

Kwesi Pratt
Kwesi Pratt

After mastication of food in the mouth, it is swallowed down the oesophagus into the stomach.Now,at a point in the throat, is the opening of both trachea which leads into the lungs, and the oesophagus which leads into the stomach.
At this critical point is a valve called EPIGLOTTIS whose main function is closing the opening into the lungs when food is being swallowed, and closing the opening into the stomach when air is being inhaled into the lungs.
As a result, when you talk during mastication and swallowing of food, at the same time, the function of the EPIGLOTTIS in regulating the closure of either the opening into the trachea or the oesophagus. This there can result in food particles entering the trachea and into. The lungs, which can be fatal through asphyxia(lack of oxygen to the brain).

It is for this reason that, our fore-fathers, through ingenuity, came up with the noble concept that it is an abomination to be talking while your mouth is stuffed with food.
Indeed, it is this noble customary advise laid down by our very wise fore-fathers that Kwesi Pratt and members of the now defunct CJA are currently religiously adhering to so why do NPP members expect them to do otherwise and expose themselves to the hazard of huge chunks of food particles going the wrong way and chocking them to death?

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

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