Legislation Needed To Regulate Direct Selling – QNET

Mr Biram Fall
Mr Biram Fall

Mr Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager of QNET in Sub-Sahara has called on the legislature to formulate laws that regulate the direct selling industry to prevent the exploitation of citizens.

He said even though direct selling is a global industry worth over $200 billion dollars, there was very little understanding in Ghana about how the business operates, thereby generating disputes between stakeholders and industry players.

Direct selling is the selling of products in a non-retail setting, for example, at home, online, or other venues that are not a store. It eliminates middlemen who are involved in distribution, such as wholesalers and regional distribution centers.

Speaking in Accra on Thursday at the media launch of QNET “Mama Campaign”, an anti-scam initiative to educate the public on the complexities of the direct selling industry, Mr Fall said though that business module had been practiced in Africa for about five decades, there were no laws to regulate its practice.

He said the lack of knowledge and regulations of the business had led to exploitation of some Ghanaians through dubious means.

“Direct selling hit Africa some 50 years ago and surprisingly none of our African countries, nor the governments and law makers have sufficiently looked into this industry and decide to vote laws and find ways of defining it and the roles of every player in this industry”

The campaign also focuses on reinforcing the code of ethics among Independent Representatives (IR) and engaging key stakeholders including government officials on scams to look out for while establishing the legitimacy of QNET as a sustainable business.

The company’s direct business model allows customers to market products by registering as Independent Representatives (IR) who earn commission upon successful sales.

Mr. Fall disclosed that there had been less than five percent of IR’s who had been involved in malpractices.

The company, he said, had acted by carrying out internal investigations, which had often led to the blocking of accounts or suspension of individuals, and in extreme cases, the arrest of culprits.

Unlike Ponzi schemes that focus on the recruitment of persons who commit financial resources, direct selling, Mr Fall stated, created genuine opportunities for individuals to sustain livelihoods through the sale of products for commission.

“QNET is not an investment company, and it does not support any get-rich quick schemes. Rather it is an e-commerce based direct selling company” he said.


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  1. Qnet is a place to enhance your financial muscle and freedom. Young Africans, we must rise up and embrace this enviable opportunity. Many governments globally are indeed saddling with unemployment rate. Many who started say about five years now could be distinguished by their financial muscles and freedoms. They are big entrepreneurs and billionaires . Typical example is the Man from Cote d’Ivoire who first accepted the concept of Qnet and now will be the manager of Qnet of Sub Shara Africa in including my beloved Mother Ghana. The journey through Qnet is full of storms( not to get rich quick) but the future is brighter than ever. African, what distinguishes us from the developed countries is that they are enterprise-oriented, they adopt innovations, take risks bearings, think far, have big dreams, take-up opportunities when available, determined, commited. But in Africa, we are conservative in terms of adoption of innovations and opportunities, lean on politicians which they offer us no results and hence we are languishing in poverty. Let us rise up and embrace Qnet because Qnet has a mirror that reflects. Financial freedom is the reflection.

  2. We registered as an IRs , buying of products educate our business partners in offices to understand what direct selling means and be able to build their team, but in Africa because of ignorance and lack of understanding people call us scammers and even some of the securities doing unnecessary arest forcing us to close the office or reverse the money of being used to purchase products.i love Qnet and I love the attack by the public because great things take time for people to understand.

    • Qnet is a direct selling company and before you can qualify to be part of the company you need to buy one of the qnet product that qualify you as Indipendend Representative in the business company.Qnet is not an investment company, and is not a job is a business and the more you do sells the more you end your commission in the business company.


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