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Fifty –nine years back our forefathers toiled and break every piece of bone in their bodies to free us from colonial rule. When we look in the mirror do we see a reflection of the country we crave for? We have been through thick and thin and still we can’t say with pride that this country is ours.

Of course we have experienced Military rule and numerous overthrow of governments and now we claim we are democratic ‘’ Eyee asem oo””. Governance is no joke for it is easier to run a revolution than a government. Ghanaians have been subjected to slavery and now we plead even when our rights are been violated by the ‘’big guns’’ of our own country.

I ask where is the quality education ‘’Oga’’and his men promised Ghanaians? And did he say we don’t have the right to brand his government ‘’incompetent” because we haven’t held that prestigious officebefore? Do unto others what you want to be done unto you. Mr. President since we don’t have the right to even demand accountability from you and your government, you and your men have also lost the right to seek the vote of the many Ghanaians you insulted. For one bad turn deserves rejection. Truths always remain true. Our leaders cannot take us for a ride and discard us after satisfying their parochial interest. We aren’t horses!

We want a Ghana where the life of the last man is treasured and not looked down upon. How many Ghanaian youth sleep in the streets at night exposed to life threatening weather conditions? The only crime they committed is not to be born with silver spoons in their mouth hence they have to fend for their own survival and our leaders sit down unconcerned. My fear is that as a result of the hardship they face most of them will resort to vices like robbery and other immoral acts leading to a state of insecurity. For when you take everything away from a man he fights with nothing to lose. They might sell their conscience to the devil and spite venom on us because we made the poor feel Insecure.

How many lives have been lost as a result of our energy crisis? And how many more lives are we waiting to be sacrificed before ‘’ Oga’’and his men accept responsibility for their ’’incompetence’’? ‘’Emmre ne ho ma adasa nti Kan woho Na’’ December 2016 nam Kwan so. Kokromoti power go talk”.

Our people are dying, millions are crying because lives have become unbearable as a result unwarranted policies. The spirit of patriotism has escaped through thin air because our leaders have failed to prioritize Ghana over their personal gains. Mothers are willing to sell their own off spring as a result of poverty. My soul bleeds for mother Ghana.
Industries are crying and as a result many Ghanaian youth have been rendered jobless because they (industries) ought to cut down cost. Na who cause am? Should all our industries collapse, can the buoyant economy we crave for be achieved in our dreams?. Is it not true that our leaders have milked us dry for far too long?

Where is the free maternal health care delivery policy for our potential mothers and what has become of the free transportation policy for students? Today students walk miles before they get to school hence learning becomes problematic. I ask where our leaders are and why are they not working for us? Honesty is the best policy but one who acts on that principle is not an honest man.

What is the essence of building schools when graduates can not even secure jobs? Are these projects going to put food on our tables? We (Ghanaians) can’t even afford one square meal and “Oliver Twist” wants us to renew his mandate for his government? ‘Ye kokru mpo na ye be soa”. The Ghanaian youth is capable of working earnestly when our leaders create an enabling environment for us rather than monopolizing and burdening us with gargantuan taxes. It high time we told our leaders that “enough is enough’’. Let us vote massively against “chop I chop politics” come December 2016 polls.

“Odishie anko a akwaa dwane”.

Dumsor here, corruption there, frustration everywhere!

Ghana must work again.

Asare Lecumberry


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